Open Letter To CBN Governor


Dear Sir,
I am one of those who believe that you have performed and you are still performing well as the Governor of the CBN

And I guess that is why despite all the agitations for your removal when the party that brought you into the CBN was defeated at the polls, the President who took over, not only allowed you to complete your term as dictated by the Law and the Constitution, but also granted you the rare opportunity to serve for a second term

This is an unprecedented privilege none that served in that office before you, has enjoyed in recent history

I am therefore picqed and thoroughly disappointed that instead of concentrating on your job to justify the extension of the tenure gifted to you, you have decided at this hour to involve your self in the murky waters of politics

I have no quarrels with your ambition. It’s very well within your Constitutional right to aspire to the exalted Office of the President, even if you have never stood election as a Councillor in your Local Government

It’s curious to me that you have chosen to start this pursuit from the court instead of the platform of the party on whose platform you intend to contest the election

Let me ask you this honest question in all sincerity:

Even if the law and the Constitution that you may only resign from your office 30 days to the general and not primary election and the person who may decide who wins the primary election and who gave you the privilege to be in the position in the first place says resign before you contest…

And you challenge him in the court for giving you that directive

Are you being wise or intelligent in not only defying his directive but taking your disobedience further by challenging it in the court?

Ok. Let’s assume that the Court rules that your boss was wrong in issuing the directive and you may only resign one month to the secondary not Primary election

You stay on. You bought the form and submitted it because the law is on your side. That’s the law and it’s fair and just

What follows the law?
You will be screened by the party. The party sets the guidelines and regulations for screening it’s aspirants. The party defers to it’s Leader.

If the party screens you out and disqualifies you from the contest, what are the options open to you?
I guess you will rush back to the court and this time, sue the party.

The most likely outcome is, the court may inform you, that the screening exercise is an internal affair of the party and the court by a long line of authorities, is deprived of the jurisdiction to interface

Will you come back to the office and still continue to operate as the Governor of the CBN?

Does the law also say that you can not be removed at any cost?
Does the President who appointed you, not have a big part to play in removing you from the office?

In the end, will you not ask yourself; what have you gained from your not too intelligent legal challenges?

I thought you went to court to assert your right to contest, because your ambition is to be president?

If you lose it at Primaries, has your ambition not been prematurely aborted ?

You don’t need the court to tell you that you have the right the contest. Every Nigerian also has that right and you are not special.

But the bottom line is the court can not give an order that you have a right to pass the screening, which is the condition precedent to winning the election and actualising your ambition to be president.

Logically, every body joins a race with the objective to win and in a political contest, you need the support of those who control the soul of the political party to make
any meaningful progress

I am sure, Goddy that you are not oblivious of that fact, because you can only challenge them at your own peril

I think you should just apologize to your boss and resign before he sets in motion the Constitutional process of legally sacking you.
That’s the reasonable thing left because Nigerians can not tolerate a frustrated and a politically partisan Central Bank Governor

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