Nasarawa APC: Time To Ponder

Undoubtedly, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nasarawa state like in almost all states of the federation is facing a serious crisis of confidence mostly emanating from its aggrieved members who felt cheated through action or inaction of the party leadership during the just concluded primary elections. In virtually all the three senatorial districts of the state, there was indeed, catalogue of complaints mostly from aspirants bordering on the processes adopted by the party leading to the primaries. Already some of the aspirants who felt marginalized have since shifted camps to the other political parties.

From Nasarawa South Senatorial district, an aspirant for the House of Representatives Lafia/Obi Federal Constituency Hon Abubakar Sarki Dahiru, has, according to a media report, defected to Social Democratic Party (SDP) feelers from same media indicated further that there are more aspirants in the State House of Assembly from the APC who have defected or are planning to defect to other political parties. The ticket handed over to Senator Tanko Al-makura for Nasarawa South is today generating serious misgivings from among the party stalwarts from Nasarawa South. Although Senator Umaru Tanko Al-makura was elected at primary unopposed, some felt that they were being emasculated or undermined to surrender their aspirations to Senator Tanko Al-makura. The grudges of these people are daily gaining currency from among their supporters prompting some to contemplate towing the path of going against the party during the general elections.

The election of Al-makura’s son Hon Muhammadu Al-makura as APC flag bearer, Lafia/Obi federal constituency at the just concluded APC primary which ultimately throws- up both the father and the son as flag bearers, is causing some upset within the party. Through these actions, some electorates from within the zone are weighing up their options.

Besides, there is, of course, the issue of Alago factor in the whole configuration. The voting strength of Alago people in the Nasarawa South is not something that can be wished aside.

There are some Alago sons and daughters who are not pleased with the deputy governorship slot; they believe that Alagos are short-changed in the power equation in the state.

Going to Nasarawa North, the APC there is also faced with a daunting task, as already Senator Godiya Akwashiki has allegedly dumped APC for SDP along with some of the aspirants for the state Assembly from the Northern zone.

Pundits believe that Senator Akwashiki has indeed, become an enfant terrible in politics of Nasarawa North. Akwashiki’s departure from APC will to a large extent deflate the fortunes of the APC in the Northern zone.

Alhaji Umaru Halilu Evulanza who is also an Eggon like Senator Akwashiki and currently a holder of the APC ticket for the senate is neither a pushover nor a fall guy in the politics of Nasarawa North. He commands tremendous respect in the zone but the way and manner politics in the zone is being played by the actors in the zone leaves much to be desired. Anything can happen on account of Evulanza’s religion.

The scenario in Nasarawa West is even grimmer and frightening for the APC as some notable political gladiators have left the party and pitched their tent with the SDP. Hon. Aliyu Wadada and Hon. Gaza Jonathan from Karu and some who defected along with them are indeed, forces to be reckoned with in Nasarawa West.

Barrister Labaran Magaji who contested and lost the senate seat to Engr Shehu Tukur was not pleased with the outcome of that primary election and as things stand, an atmosphere of uncertainty is hanging on the fate of APC in the zone.

From all three zones in the state, there is serious catastrophe hanging ominously on the entire APC in Nasarawa state. I am not sounding alarmist here, but as things stand today in Nasarawa state, we don’t need any soothsayer to tell us that APC in Nasarawa state is in for big trouble unless something is done urgently.

Seeing this danger ahead, Engr Abdullahi Sule at the state executive council meeting last week, indicated his intention to constitute a committee to reconcile members of APC who are aggrieved with the outcome of the APC primary elections.

Even though, some political observers in Nasarawa state believe that the reconciliation committee is coming rather late, maintaining that the committee is supposed to be in place even before the primaries or immediately after the primaries. But as the saying goes, it’s better late than never. The setting up of the reconciliation committee now will go a long way in not only salvaging the situation but also boosting further the fortunes of APC in Nasarawa state ahead of next year’s general election.

The committee should not only focus on reconciling those who were aggrieved but also focus on wooing back those who have left APC to other political parties. Even though the task of the committee is going to be daunting but with determination from members and Governor Abdullahi sule, a lot could be achieved.


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