Gov Sule Re-nominates Dr Akabe As Running Mate Ahead Of 2023 Election

By Kure Tashilane

Nasarawa State Governor Engineer Abdullahi Sule has renominated his subsisting deputy governor Dr. Emmanuel Agbadu Akabe as running mate for 2023 governor election.

Engineer Sule presented the INEC nomination form to Dr. Akabe to feel when Alago Elders whose composition cuts across party and ideological variance paid him a thank you visit for carrying them along in his government.

The Governor described Dr. Emmanuel Akabe as a honest and loyal man as he stressed that in his life time, he had come across so many people, some were his seniors and others were his juniors but;

“… There is one person I will never forget working with who is actually Dr. Akabe. He is very loyal, he is a professional person like me and Dr. Akabe is very honest and so in my mind – we will swim and sing together…” Engineer Sule said.

He stressed that there are so many reasons that compelled him to norminate Dr. Akabe as his running mate for the second time and that one of those reasons is his kind of person.

Governor Sule urged Alago people not to have any other party than the All Progressives Congress party (APC) because God had been kind to them as he has blessed them with several high profile positions within the state and nationally.

Engineer Sule however made a case on behalf of Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura whom he described as his boss and mentor who he said would not be a push over for the southern senatorial districts election come 2023.

“…He is going to be a very strong contender – so my dear friend Hon. Onawo would find it very difficult to push him aside. This I am telling you frankly not as a politician but as an honest, straight forward person. So, you have more guarantee for a deputy governor than you have a guarantee for an incoming senator…” The Governor opined.

He stressed that the party will do everything possible to win the election within the contest of the law permits.

In his appreciation remarks, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe said his normination is a challenge for him to improve on whatever he has been doing.

“… I feel good and quiet excited about that. You could see that I almost broke down because of the adjectives he used to describe me and our working relationship: the guy who is sincere, the guy who is hardworking, I mean what else do you expect. I was doing my modest contributions and my boss noticed it and express it in public…” Dr. Akabe noted.

Earlier, Senator Salihu Hussaini Egyebola who led Alago Elders said they were in government house to congratulate Governor Abdullahi Sule for emerging as the APC Governorship flag bearer and for carrying Alago people along in his government.

He expressed on behalf of the entire Alago people profound gratitude to Engineer Sule for awarding the Agbashi Idadu rural road and Assakio-Obi road that eluded past administration’s and for turning most of Alago lands to Industrial hubs.

Senator Egyebola equally commended the governor for choosing his running mate from Alago nation and assured him of their support now and always.


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