National Assembly And Their Unnecessary Impeachment Threat


The National Assembly should stop the current politics of impeachment and face the reality of the situation on ground

Rather, they should join hands with the government and the people to find solutions to our problems
The NASS tends to forget that they are also an arm of the government

Whenever we say the government has failed in its primary and constitutional responsibility to protect lives and properties of the citizens, we are not only talking of the failure of the President but the entire government machinery

The Presidency is only one part of what constitutes the federal government of Nigeria

To achieve the collective objective of government and governance, we elected the President and the National Assembly and they have joint responsibility to uphold all the provisions of the Constitution including Chapter Two, which spells out the contract between the government and the people

Therefore it’s not only hypocritical but dishonest for the members of the Assembly to be gunning for the impeachment of the President on the ground that the government in which they are a part of, has failed

The National Assembly members have also failed to perform their Constitutional functions in a proactive manner to stop the government from failing.

If they did, we would not have been in the mess we are talking about today. As far as I am concerned, they are “in pari delicto” with the Presidency

Therefore if there should be impeachment of the President by the National Assembly, there should also be mass recall of the members of the National Assembly by the Constituents

This is because they have failed us collectively and the Constitution has placed the power of impeachment in the hands of the National Assembly just as it has given the Constituents the power and right of recall of their representatives if they fail in there duty to represent to the satisfaction of the electorate

As far as the Nigerian people are concerned today. It is the government that has failed and the National Assembly being an integral part of the government can not exculpate it’s self

We need to put our heads together and join our hands in collaboration to find solutions to the problems or the people should express their dissatisfaction with the Executive and the Legislature as a collective and we can send both packing for dismal performance

It is therefore not a question of the Legislature playing to the gallery and dangling the threat of impeachment in a matter in which they are are equally blame worthy


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