Why Wike & Co Are Chasing Shadows And Dogara & Babachir Are Testing The Microphone


Its interesting that both the PDP and the APC Presidential candidates have similar answer to the two controversial issues bedeviling their parties ahead of the 2023 Presidential election

The PDP’s candidate Atiku Abbakar while responding to the criticism by Wike , Makinde and co on the issue of lopsidedness of the party leadership and the Northern domination, said the main focus of the party should be HOW to win the election

In the same vein, Bola Tinubu the APC flag bearer also expressed the view that the focus of the APC ahead of 2023 is not the same faith configuration of the Presidential ticket but HOW to win the election

The two front line candidates are “at idem” on what their ultimate objective and focus are, and it boils down to the common denomination, to wit, WINNING the election

However there are still loud voices of dissent from both camps. On the side of the PDP, Wike and company won’t back down on their demand for the resignation of the PDP national Chairman, Iorchia Ayu

On the side of the APC, Babachir Lawal and Yakubu Dogara are still galvanising the support of the Northern Christian members of the party (and perhaps even outside the APC) against the Tinubu- Shettima Muslim Muslim ticket

The pertinent question to ask both Wike camp in the PDP and the Babachir tendency in the APC, is, how far can they carry on their protest, opposition and dissent ?

It is clear that the PDP will not sacrifice Ayu and the APC will not temper with the same faith ticket

They have both resolved to go into the election as they are presently constituted and nothing will change in either camp before the election

Will Babachir and Dogara drum support for the PDP or any other party in furtherance of their protest and dissention?

And, will Wike and Makinde switch support and alliance to the APC, if Ayu is not removed?

I don’t know how they will react..it will be interesting to see how far and with effect (if any) they can sustain their respective protests

One thing is however clear; the APC will not change the colour and composition of it’s its ticket and the PDP will not drop Ayu.

Wike and Makinde et al should either fall in or fall out and Babachir and Dogara must either tow the line or crash to the ground very light and bereft of political power to stop the APC

The case of Wike and Makinde is better because no matter how the situation fans out, they will still be in position and possession of political power in their States before and for sometimes after the Presidential election and could still wield some measure of influence within the PDP

But, with Babachir and Dogara, its a different kettle of fish. Babachir is still battling with the criminal charges he is facing in the Court for the grass cutting corruption scandal
Dogara will be at the mercy of the APC machinery if he desires to win his election for a place in the National Assembly in 2023

Its different strokes for different folks and the end result of the struggle is most likely going to be in favour of the parties than the disgruntled individual party members

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