AEDC’S Operations In Lafia, Daylight Robbery- Hon. Aliyu Gayam Ilele


The Abdullahi Sule Zonal Coordinator, Nasarawa South, Hon Aliyu Ilele has described the activity of  Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) in Lafia as day light rubbery, calling for urgent action from government to halt the rubbery before to avoid any unpleasant situations from the  electricity consumers.

Speaking exclusively with Nasarawa Eye Newspaper in Lafia Hon Ilele accused Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) of migrating consumers in Lafia to higher tariff band A while, there was no any commensurate supply of the electricity.

He explained that any electricity consumer on Band A is, by law, supposed to enjoy electricity for 20 hours and above in a day, but regretted that in Lafia and environs despite migrating consumers to Band A there was no supply of the electricity.

While also accusing Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) Lafia office and Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) of conniving with AEDC to defraud electricity consumers in Lafia, Hon Ilele also chided political as well as traditional leaders for paying lip service to the day light rubbery of AEDC in Lafia.

He maintained that a good leader must be someone who pays serious attention to the plight of his subjects but wondered why our leaders are not paying any attention to the plight of our people particularly on what is going on in Lafia regarding activities of AEDC, NERC and TCN.  

“We are not against tariff hike, but we should get the supply of the electricity in consonance with what the law says about consumers of Band A” Hon, Ilele further noted.

Hon. Ilele stressed: “AEDC in Lafia has no capacity to supply electricity for good 20 hours in Lafia without resorting to load-shedding/management, adding that the two substations besides Tanko Al-makura’s house and the one in Marrarraba Makurdi are not only too obsolete but they don’t even have the capacity to take all the feeders in Lafia at same time. This is the basic truth. And whatever AEDC will say besides this will be misleading”  

While appealing to Nasarawa state government to intervene in this matter, Hon. Ilele maintained that electricity supply in Lafia must be 20 hours and above if consumers must remain on Band A or else, AEDC must revert to Band C pending when they are fully ready to supply consumers with 20 hours above before migrating to Band A.                



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