March 11: Vote For Capacity, Competence Only, Vote Engineer Sule Again

By Ali Abare

The political terrain in Nasarawa State is presently saturated with all manner of permutations. Never in the history of the state has there been agitations fuelled by religion and to a lesser extent tribe.

Whether by accident or design, especially in the wake of the February 25 presidential election, where religion played key role in the outcome of the election, the same scenario appears to be unfolding in Nasarawa State ahead of the March 11 governorship election.

Trust politicians to always exploit given opportunities, some unpatriotic elements are hell bent on exacerbating the difference of religion amongst the people, by embarking on campaigns couched in religious intolerance.

There are those who may want to cause disunity among Christians and Muslims in the state, just so they can acquire political office. These people do not care a hoot about the consequences of their action, as long as they can get elected into office.

Nasarawa State is a heterogeneous, multi-religious society, making it a near impossibility for political merchants to separate brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues, who have hitherto co-existed peacefully.

The March 11 governorship election in Nasarawa State is not about religion or tribe. It’s is about electing a governor that has the pedigree, capacity and competence to deliver much needed dividends of democracy to the people.

It’s only those candidates who lack these requisite qualifications, which are necessary in order to take Nasarawa State to the promised land, that are desperately seeking to divide the people along religious lines, in order to acquire political office cheaply and without scrutiny.

The people of Nasarawa State must shine their eyes. They must put all the candidates contesting for the position of the governor to scrutiny. The people of Nasarawa State can ill afford to elect a governor based on sentiments but by carefully identifying the person with tried and tested ability to deliver on set goals and objectives.

Governorship is not a tea party. It’s a responsibility that requires grit, composure, exposure, experience and capacity. It’s not an all comers affair that should be denigrated and abused. The consequences of allowing primordial sentiments guide our actions in electing the governor of Nasarawa State in a few days from now, may have the potential to turn back the wheels of progress so far made.

Without any fear of contradiction and looking at the array of individuals seeking to occupy the Shendam Road Government House, none of these can compare favourably with the incumbent, His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule.

Engineer Sule has proven his mettle both in public and private life. He is morally strong and his fear of God is worthy of emulation. He is bringing into the political equation of the state his hard earned reputation and experience, acquired during his time as a top player in the organised private sector.

Since his coming into power in 2019, Engineer Sule has proven his capacity to evolve initiatives and programmes that is catapulting Nasarawa State among states to be reckoned with in the country.

Under his administration, Nasarawa State has come to stay as the new kid on the block. Nasarawa is emerging as the country’s newest investment frontier, with the state recording marked improvement in all indices of development.

This is the right time to consolidate on these laudable achievements, rather than dance to the music of fifth columnists, who bereft of proven leadership qualities, are wont to fly the religious or ethnic card in order to hoodwink the people.

The people of Nasarawa State will continue to live in peace with each other. The existing bond and cordial relationship between Christians and Muslims will not be tampered with because of an election that comes ones in four years, especially because of the selfish ambition of some unpatriotic elements.

Both Christians and Muslims must therefore join hands towards ensuring that His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, is returned to the Government House for another term in office, so that Nasarawa State can further consolidate on the gains so far recorded.

Abare is the Special Assistant on Media to the Governor of Nasarawa State.


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