Why I Did Not Sack Political Appointees Who Worked Against My Re-election-Gov Sule

Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule has dissolved his cabinet, as well as all other political appointees with the exception of the Secretary to the State Government (SSG).

Engineer Sule announced the dissolution during an expanded executive council meeting, at the Government House, on Thursday.

Earlier during its valedictory session, the Governor has hinted that members of the state executive council and all other political appointees will be dissolved.

The Governor thanked the appointees for serving under his administration and for helping the government achieve what it has so far achieved.

“Let me first and foremost sincerely thank everyone of you for being able to turn out for this meeting even with the short notice and inconvenience of changing the schedule of the meeting. I know a few other people are not here because of the change of schedule or because of some other reasons. Nonetheless, I want to thank every one of you that have been able to turn up for this meeting.

“Secondly, the last time we had this kind of meeting was just before the elections, when we invited you to ask for your support to ask you to do everything you could to help us achieve success at the elections. I have seen, I have heard a lot of you that have worked like there is no tomorrow in order for us to be successful at the election. I have also seen and also heard some who have worked like there is no tomorrow for us to lose the election.

“At the end of the day, as we say in the Dangote family, with God on your side, nothing is impossible. At the end of the day we are all successful because we won the election.

“I want to thank those of you specifically who have worked round the clock and did not listen to any side comments but your loyalty to God Almighty and your loyalty by the oath you have taken to be able to deliver us.

“For other sentimental reasons, other people have done what they wanted. Once God made me successful, I had always keep everything aside so that we can move forward. That is the reason why I didn’t listen to advice to sack those that worked against us immediately after the election. Decisions taken out of anger sometimes you throw out the baby together with the bath water.

“We refused to do that because we know sooner or later, life itself has an end what much more of worldly things. I want to thank everyone of us, especially those who have helped us to achieve what we have achieved. Because for every beginning, there must be an end,” he stated.

Engineer Sule used the opportunity to commend the members of the Nasarawa Economic Advisory Council, chaired by renown lawyer and banker, Professor Konyisola Ajayi, whose tenure has also expired.

“I just finished attending the valedictory meeting of the Nasarawa State Economic Advisory Council, chaired by Prof. Konyisola Ajayi. The committee gave birth to the Nasarawa State Investment Development Agency (NASIDA) and helped us achieved so many things that we have done,” he said.

The Governor listed some of the achievements recorded by the economic council to include Nasarawa Technology Village project which is almost completed, establishment of the Nasarawa Transport Company, the Agricultural Commodity Company, the Ugya Mining Company, as well as assisted the state in setting up NASIDA, which afterwards gave birth to so many investments in the state.

“They did so much, yet they were the ones at one point contributing their own resources, two or three or one million in order to ensure the take off of NASIDA. These are people who did not take anything from Nasarawa State but gave all to Nasarawa State,” he said.

The Governor promised to work again with appointees that have proved to be loyal, truthful and dedicated.

“And for some of you, if I have the opportunity to work with you again, I will work with you. Because you have proved to me that you are loyal, truthful, dedicated. You are professional, you know your work and have the capacity to deliver. For that reason, I will be more than happy to work with you again,” he assured.

In a vote of thanks on behalf of the former appointees, immediate past Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, Associate Professor Abdulkareem Kana, thanked the Governor for finding them worthy to serve under his administration.

The appointees specifically appreciated Engineer Sule for sacrificing his personal comfort to come and serve the people of Nasarawa State.

Prof Kana prayed for God to guide the Governor as he prepare to be inaugurated for another term in office.

Earlier, in an opening remarks, Secretary to the Nasarawa State Government (SSG), Barrister Muhammad Ubandoma Aliyu, gave a run down of the entire political appointees structure since from the inception of the Engineer Sule administration to include 26 commissioners, 32 Special Advisers, 69 SSAs, 53 Special Assistants and 64 Personal Assistants.


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