OPINION: Why Engineer AA Sule should succeed Al-makura

By Rayyanu Bala Engineer Abdullahi A. Sule otherwise known as Engineer AA Sule was in
Lafia recently as part of continuation of his consultations with key
stakeholders of Nasarawa state over his ambition to become the
governor of Nasarawa State. His consultations in Lafia, like in all
other places he visited thus far, centered on one issue and that issue
is on how he could succeed the incumbent governor, Umaru Tanko
Al-makura whose tenure is expiring on May 29, 2019 precisely 350 days
away from today.
Engineer A.A Sule’s first port of call in Lafia was the Emir of
Lafia’s palace where he received a warm welcome from the Emir himself,
Alh. (Dr) Isa Mustapha Agwai 1. The Emir of Lafia received Engineer
A.A. Sule along with all his district heads and traditional title
holders of Lafia Emirate Council. In his address at the Emir’s palace,
Engineer A.A. Sule disclosed, amidst thunderous ovation, that his
desire to become the governor of Nasarawa state in 2019 was borne not
out of the desire to amass wealth but to serve the people of the
state. He said that he was also inspired by the desire to continue
from where Governor Al-makura stops in terms of provision of critical
infrastructures in the state. Engineer A.A. Sule noted that if it were
for the monetary benefits, he would not have ventured into partisan
politics let alone seeks for the elective office of governor.
Engineer AA Sule is one personality that Nasarawa state is fortunate
to have as both his character and pedigree are exceptional. He is an
epitome of humility; his simplicity and sincerity of purpose are
legendary. This is a man that has attained the height of his
professional career, broken exceptional records of service in both the
public and private sectors both in Nigeria and abroad yet, his
simplicity and humility conspires avidly and drives him away from all
forms of showmanship and arrogance. While his contemporaries in the
business world are enmeshed in profligacy, AA Sule’s character of
humility, simplicity and sincerity of purpose prevents him from toeing
the line of wastefulness and the like.
To put the record straight AA Sule is a man who abhors profligacy in
all its ramifications. It is preposterous for one to assume that AA
Sule’s disgust for profligacy was as a result of his stinginess. All
those who know the man AA Sule, know him as a cheerful giver. What he
detests is wastefulness which of course, no religion condones. Yes no
religion allows wastages; both the Holy Qur’an and the Bible detest
extravagancy and wastefulness. However, it was AA Sule’s strict
adherence to this religious injunction that makes him to be humble and
simple, worthy of trust and emulation.
But then the question to ask here is: Who is this man Engineer
Abdullahi A. Sule ?
AA Sule was born in December 26th 1959 at the ancient town of Gudi in
present day Nasarawa state to a famous royal family of Abdullahi
Angulu the first traditional ruler of Gudi station. After his sting at
Roman Catholic Mission (RCM) primary school, Gudi for his primary
education in 1968, AA sule gained admission into Zang commercial
secondary school Bukuru in 1974 and graduated in 1977. His quest for
higher education made him to seek for admission into Plateau
Polytechnic Barikin Ladi. From there, he proceeded to Indiana State
University Terre haute, Indiana, USA in 1980 where he graduated with
B.sc Mechanical Technology in 1983 and M.sc Industrial Technology in
1984. After his return to the country, AA sule did his National
Service (NYSC) with the then Plateau Utilities Board, Jos and later
secured employment with Jos Steel Rolling Company in 1985 as
Production Engineer. In 1987 due his hard work and perseverance,
Engineer AA Sule received an accelerated promotion from GL 9 to GL 12.
Engineer AA Sule left Jos Steel Rolling Mill in 1986 as principal
production engineer and returned to USA. In USA Engineer AA Sule
worked in various conglomerates which include among others: Lancer
Corporation, San Anthonio, OEM Components, Houston, Morgan
Performance, Houston and Dril-Quip incorporated, Houston and Osyka
Corporation, Houston.
In all these companies, Engineer AA Sule served in various capacities,
ranging from Workshop Engineer, Computer Numerical Control Programmer,
and CNC Operator to Facilities Engineer, Project/Production Engineer
and Director of Business Development for African and Middle-East for
Osyka Corporation.
Upon his returned to Nigeria in 2000, Engineer AA Sule along with some
group of friends established a company Sadiq Petroleum Nigeria Limited
Lagos which he headed as Managing Director/CEO. Sadiq Petroleum
Nigeria Limited participated and won 30% ownership share in African
Petroleum PLC following Federal privatization of Government owned
companies in Nigeria in 2000.
Immediately after acquiring 30% shares in AP, Engineer AA Sule was
appointed Executive Director Operations of the company and in the same
year 2000, he was promoted to the position of Managing Director by the
Board of AP PLC.
Upon assumption of office as MD/CEO of the AP, Engineer AA Sule met
the company in a terrible financial predicament as the company has its
share capital eroded with negative balance sheet of over N22million.
After putting so much work and with the help of Almighty God, Enginerr
AA Sule raised the share capital of AP to N5billion by the time he
resigned from the company in July 2006.
As man of many feathers, Engineer AA Sule soon after resigning from
AP, he secured appointment as Director of Business Development/country
Manager with an American multi-national oil giant called Tetra
International in July 2006. But Engineer AA Sule’s passion for service
to his people did not allowed him to stay in Tetra International, as
he left Tetra within same year and joined them and venture into
partisan politics in his home state of Nasarawa.
Enginerr AA Sule is presently Managing Director of Dangote Sugar Lagos.
Engineer AA Sule contested for governorship election in Nasarawa
state but lost on two occasions due to lack of full grasps of who
Enginerr AA Sule is, by the electorates.
Engineer AA Sule’s foray into partisan politics this time around was a
complete departure of his last incursion into politics as this time
people of the state have full grasp of the man Engineer AA Sule and
have appreciated his concern and interest in their welfare.
Now having gone though AA Sule’s resume, it becomes clear to all that
the man AA Sule is not into partisan politics to make money and, just
as he observed in his speech at the Emir of Lafia’s palace if it were
for money, the man wouldn’t have abandoned his plum job at the Dangote
Indeed, Engineer AA Sule has the exceptional qualities and competence
to succeed Governor Umaru Al-makura. Both Al-makura and Engineer AA
Sule have many things in common, besides both coming from the private
sector, Engineer AA Sule like Governor Al-makura has similar viewpoint
on matters affecting the development and progress of Nasarawa state.
As technocrat like Governor Al-makura, Engineer AA Sule main concern
on any assign responsibility is to give out first class result.
Engineer AA Sule is known by both friends and foe as somebody who
abhors failure, it was indeed, this quality that endeared him into the
mind and soul of Alhaji Aliko Dangote. It is for the reasons
highlighted above and many more that many sees Engineer AA Sule as the
only man who can provide the right leadership that is in tandem with
the type being provided by Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura today in
Nasarawa state.

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