PMB’s Anti- Corruption Strategy And Our Ivory Towers

By Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi After several years of academic obsolescence, organic parasitism and intellectual irrelevancies, caused by moral decay and corrupt perversions in the country, courtesy of multiple afflictions and incurable viral pestilence called corruption, induced by politicians, the once prodigiously active and productively inspiring Nigerian academic community became complacent purveyors and influential stooges … Continue reading PMB’s Anti- Corruption Strategy And Our Ivory Towers

Notes On 2018 World Cup

BY VICTORIA NGOZI IKEANO 08033077519 The “world’s greatest sports fiesta”, Federation of International Football Associations(FIFA)- organised World Cup, will be rounded off this weekend with the finals slated for Sunday, June 15 in the Russian capital, Moscow. This writer had sometime last year when Nigeria’s Super Eagles qualified for this year’s finals, intimated that … Continue reading Notes On 2018 World Cup

Of Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu And His Unbreakable Sermon

By Our Reporter Penultimate week, one of the top contenders for the governorship position in Nasarawa state, Alhaji Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu stirred the hornet’s nest with regards to the position of the Eggon nation in the political permutations, ahead of the 2019 general elections in Nasarawa state. In an interview with a newspaper, Dauda Shuaibu … Continue reading Of Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu And His Unbreakable Sermon

Ramadan Kareem

BY VICTORIA N. Ikeano The Ramadan fasting period has come to an end as Muslim faithful celebrate its successful observance. And Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is often referred to as the ‘holy month’; understandably, because in this period, we think more or are expected to think more of the Almighty GOD … Continue reading Ramadan Kareem