Of Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu And His Unbreakable Sermon

By Our Reporter
Penultimate week, one of the top contenders for the governorship
position in Nasarawa state, Alhaji Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu stirred the hornet’s nest with regards to
the position of the Eggon nation in the political permutations, ahead of the
2019 general elections in Nasarawa state.
In an interview with a newspaper, Dauda
Shuaibu Kigbu bared his mind on a wide range of issues which included
among others, purported zoning of the governorship slot to Nasarawa North,
why Eggon votes alone cannot produce the governor of Nasarawa state
and how Eggon people are still held in contempt in the state following
their role in the Ombatse crisis.
All well meaning individuals who have the interest of Nasarawa state
at heart must share Kigbu’s sentiment here. First and
foremost, the Ombatse phenomenon has seriously dented the image of the
Eggon people. It is instructive to note that virtually all other
tribes in the state still nurse some deep apprehension about trusting the
Eggons with the position of governor of the state. There is indeed,
no disputing the fact that till date, that there are some communities that
are reluctant to repose confidence in the ability of an Eggon man to govern the
state in a manner that can guarantee continued harmonious and peaceful
co- existence amongst the different tribes and communities in the
This is not to say however, that all Eggon people are
ensnared in the Ombatse imbroglio for, there are some Eggon
sons and daughters that are detribalized, upright and cosmopolitan.
Alhaji Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu is a shining example of such, a
detribalized, upright and cosmopolitan man of Eggon extraction.
Since the Ombatse uproar some time in 2013 it is in Dauda
Shuaibu Kigbu that we have an Eggon man who is honest enough to detach
himself from the garment of Eggon egocentrism and admit the home
truth about the mistaken belief which his fellow Eggon people
wallow in to the astonishment of other tribes in the state.
Majority of Eggons accept as true, the narrative that they
constitute the majority in Nasarawa state and that their votes can
determine election of governorship of the state with or without the support of
other tribes. On this, Kigbu was blunt as he
insisted that votes of Eggons alone cannot make one to become a
governor in Nasarawa state.
All discerning people are on the same page with
Kigbu on this issue The Eggon votes alone can’t make one a governor in the
state. Nasarawa state consists of many tribes with each competing for
dominance and supremacy, thus to assume that a single tribe can do it
alone under this prevailing atmosphere of competitiveness amounts to
absolute delusion.

Addressing a mammoth crowd that turned out to witness his formal declaration to
contest for governorship election, Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu had stated, “My mission to become governor was
borne out of my desire to create an environment that would enable all
ethnic groups to live in an atmosphere of peace and harmony with equal
opportunities for the development of Nasarawa state”. He
continued, “In order to achieve this, a frame work will be put in
place that will eliminate and breakdown boundaries and barriers that
have been built along lines of ethnicity and religious bigotry in
order to create an all-inclusive government”
Indeed, our bane in Nasarawa state centres around ethnic
chauvinism; we always find delight in subordinating ourselves to
ethnic egocentrism at the expense our collective development as a people.
This brings us again to the issue raised by Kigbu
regarding zoning. Yes, democracy the world over is a game of numbers,
zoning and consensus help to erase acrimony in the
selection/election processes. But as observed by many political
pundits, disadvantages of zoning/consensus far outweigh its
advantages. Zoning, as rightly detected by Kigbu, throws
up mediocrity and may ultimately result to producing a governor by
However, since we all acknowledge that zoning has no place in our
democracy, the question begging for answer here is: Do we then
continue to encourage the culture of zoning/consensus at the expense
of basic values of democracy? Since zoning has no place in our
democracy, accepting or condoning it amounts to affront to the
democracy which we laboured hard to bring about. Our democracy which is
tailored along presidential system provides for majority rule, hence
the coinage “majority carries the day”.
Unfortunately, in Nasarawa state the Northern zone made up of three
Local Government Councils, namely, Nasarawa Eggon, Akwanga and Wamba
are in the minority both in terms of numerical strength and also in
terms of voting strength; therefore, we can confidently aver that to
concede the governorship slot to Nasarawa north as some people are
advocating is tantamount to misuse of democratic values; for it is a
misnomer for the minority to rule over the majority.
As we approach the 2019 elections, beginning from party primaries slated
for the middle of August, it behoves us to toe the line of propriety by
allowing democracy to take its full course; let all contenders come
forward and participate in the primaries of their respective parties
without any form of discrimination.
Alhaji Dauda Shuaibu Kigbu’s postulations in his interview
has shown him as a politician of repute

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