APC Convention: An Appeal to PMB To Emulate Al-makura

By Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi

Mr. President is aware, and is requested to additionally be reminded, know and note, that, most Nigerians are very skeptical about Nigerian political elites, whom they see and regard as ‘birds of the same plumage’, or if you like, who are covered by the same ugly feathers, so to speak, whose vulnerability to illegalities and corrupt practices are concealed under their feathery canopies, which serve as a protective camouflage cover, except and until when they are uncovered and scrutinized by the public.

It is an established fact, not only in Nigeria but equally endorsed far and wide, outside the shores of Nigeria, that, the APC is acknowledged all over the world, as a serious party because of your undeniable reputation of moral integrity and tested credibility beyond any iota of doubt, which recognisable features make it both impossible, unassailable, as well as in compromisable, to make it fall prey to the dictates, whims and capricious temptations of corrupt tendencies.

Therefore, against this lacuna, there is no better option for the party,than to put its integrity brand to test by defining in practical terms, the obvious meaning of the adage, ‘the test of the pudding is in the eating’, which the Hausa man metaphorically reconstructed, thus:” Sai an gwada akan san na kwarai”.

In fact, Mr. President, ‘what’s worth doing is worth doing well, and very well too’, because, integrity is the graphic metaphor that separates the chaffs from the grains and in the practical context and contents of Nigerian politics, the difference between the APC and the PDP is in their ideological praxis, which APC has positive marks in its favour, as against PDP’s litany of variegated negative identities.

Therefore, in the best interest of the party but more importantly, your own personal reputation (PMB), around which the APC superlative menus are aggregated, there is no better option of choice, for the petitions besieged, and embattled former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole to choose or emulate, than the exemplary credo of Nasarawa State Governor, Unaru Tanko Al-makura who volunteered to face a probe panel of inquiry, to clear his names from spurious allegations of impropriety, to clear his name in lieu of both your reputation as well as indemnifying, protecting the image and doctrinal integrity, accountability and credibility of the party, which symbolise your alter ego!

Mr. President, my investigation, which is fully collaborated by objective external findings and supporting evidences from the defunct members of the Nasarawa State PDP controlled House confirmed the plot, as a conspiracy by aggrieved fifth columnists, who are unhappy with my decision to sublet, with documented requests, to UBEC, the approved contract for sets of furniture, to the State parastatals, like done for Anambra and others, under standard compliance provision, which MOU was sealed,as a comprehensive guidelines, with stipulated terms and guidelines, in which the Board collateralized all its duties and functions!

Indeed, the PDP Speaker, his Deputy and several other members, including Honorable Orogu,except a few, meant well for their assignment, which had given a clean bill to some of us despite the orchestrated campaign of calumny by the fifth columnists, who wanted it to serve, as a caveat, to get illegally remunerated by the Governor, which motive and motivations they confirmed to some of the Honourables!

I was briefed that my actions and activities, could not,for obvious reasons, have gone down well with some of the inner caucus of the government, who have been used to their fantastically corrupt traditions!

In deed, one of them who got high profile position, and who was always enjoying himself at his popular beer drinking and , (stinking hideout?) at the State premises of College of Agriculture, in Lafia,instead of his town on election days, was so excited, to the extent of bribing some sponsored articles, as his smear campaign déjà vu, against my refusal to allow them, in connivance with some of the most diabolical characters, ‘do things, in accordance with their ill motivated and corrupt formats!

At appropriate time we will exhibit their Pandoras boxes, with the former deputy governor, on how they misused their position and registered a contrived borehole companies, with which, they deceived the Governor’s sincerity and trust,with dubious seedy self contracts!
In fact, Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura voluntary decision, has unequivocally translated and put into practical action, the universally popular but difficult adage to test,that,” bravery, is the better part of valour ”

Now, the question agitating the minds of most PMB genuine supporters, is, whether, APC Chairmanship contestant, Adams Oshiohmole can dare his traducers and put his integrity to test, by facing a probe panel to clear his name, in lieu of both, PMB’s reputation and the image doctrine of integrity, accountability and credibility that serve as moral yardsticks in favor of the party, that has made Al-makura a permanent brand of not only change but a reference point for conscience?

Mr. President, I believe in making this unique, exemplary and good quality to serve as our value-driven philosophy to be emulated by all our members.

Mr. President, me think, for better, or worse,this Al-makura’s exemplary credo should be formalized. as a standard and most credible political formulae that separates the APC, from the PDP, and all loyal and genuine supporters as well as positive advocates of Buharism must regard it as a voluntary oath of allegiance!

Now, is Mr. Adams Oshiomole prepared and ready for this integrity test, as an honor to brand PMB’s trademark reputation, like Nasarawa State Governor, Tanko Al-makura?

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi.

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