PMB’s Anti- Corruption Strategy And Our Ivory Towers

By Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi

After several years of academic obsolescence, organic parasitism and intellectual irrelevancies, caused by moral decay and corrupt perversions in the country, courtesy of multiple afflictions and incurable viral pestilence called corruption, induced by politicians, the once prodigiously active and productively inspiring Nigerian academic community became complacent purveyors and influential stooges of corruption, that patently erotic product the Nigerian political class have specialised in promoting as a prebendal special brand.

Now, thank God,that, PMB’s positive change social advocacy doctrine would appear to have given the university community in Nigeria, the required impetus to reposition themselves, as the country’s major resource base and solution providers.

This is my conclusion and positive response about Professor Inuwa Fodio’s seminal presentation, which, I consider to be an excellent exchange on the roles and responsibilities of specialists on Accounting and Financial standards in curtailing the undue dominance and uncontrollable surge of corruption in Nigeria, at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

The versatility and simplicity with which this polite, aggressively determined but thoughtful and intellectually inspired NSUK Professor, Inuwa Fodio held his audience spellbound and full of excitement, as he delivered his inaugural lecture , with a provocative title, “Framework of Deconstructing ‘Interest’ Obligation: MYTHS UNDERLYING SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY”, on Thursday, 13th July, 2018, in the University’s Assembly Hall, was a nostalgic reminder of the ancient tradition and developmental paradigms, for which mandates universities all over the world, were founded for, as solution mediators, not meddlesome liabilities, for the nation, which, unfortunately, seem to be the major assignments of most, if not virtually, eighty percent of the worldview of the members of the Nigerian Academic Community, who spend more time and intellectual
energy on strikes and picket lines, than any other social groups in the country, thereby serving as agents of disrepute, rather than valedictory encomiums, against Nigeria’s educational profile.

However, I am happy and feel fulfilled to be part of the audience that witnessed this historic event, that showcased the new Nigerian Academic Community, as a daring, repentant and born again agents of change, poised to revive and reclaim its past, lost glories.

It is not therefore by accident, that, the university’s Inaugural Lecture Series, at the University’s large Assembly Hall, which was filled to capacity, almost over crowded, so much that, the organizers had no option than to find a diplomatic solution on controlling the population by accommodating some of the guests on the side walks and the spacious verandas, to be part of the event.

I must confess, that, this inaugural lecture, reported to be the 18th in the University’s series of academic presentations, has truly achieved its meritorious target.

Indeed, let me at this juncture express my profound gratitude to Professor Inuwa Fodio for finding me worthy, to personally bring me a special invitation card for the event.

I am as well equally indebted to ‘my son’, Dr. Abdulkarim Abubakar Kana, of the Faculty of Law, himself a very dynamic and promising academic icon, who is making legal impacts in several Law Schools in Europe and America, who first reminded and alerted me on the nick of time , about this scheduled Great Inaugural Lecture, by Professor Fodio.

And I am happy and delighted to be an eyewitness to this auspicious academic event, which has exposed many Nigerians, to the serial vagaries as well as unprofessional and unethical accounting practices that, could have, prominently served as an aide mémoire, to the patently convenient caveat, that aided and abetted corrupt looters, to undermine our financial rules and regulations,to steal, which combined effects has made our beloved country Nigeria, to be negatively rated, globally, and regarded as a vast country of notorious scammers and dented treasury looters.

Thanks to Professor Akaro Mainoma, the Vice Chancellor of NSUK, for supporting this gallant professional warrior, who has successfully identified and forensically dissected the cancerous and causative agents in the accounting and financial rules and guidelines that aide and abetted in previous corrupt practices, which makes it mandatory for all genuine professionals to activate solid professional deterrents, to safeguard their credibility and improve on integrity, which have been the major focal mission of PMB’s anti corruption war.

Now, every Nigerian has, through Professor Fodio’s dialectical inputs and timely intervention dialogue with society, been richly enlightened and immensely enhanced, which provided us, even as laymen, with a good framework, to not only psychologically understand and track the corrosive signs and symptoms of the plague, but equally know how to trail, track or diagnose the genetic malady, from its embryonic stage, up to its level of process of growth and nuisance level.

All said and done, one cannot present an accurate critique, nor a satisfactory content analysis on Professor Fodio’s dialectical pedagogy on accounting, financial rules and regulations, without jeopardising some of the brilliant conclusions he masterfully juxtaposed, as practical illustrations, including the use of real budgets for illustrations

None the less, one thing I cannot forget to mention, as a tribute to the academic quality of Professor Fodio’s seminal masterpiece is the legitimacy of its rich intellectual content, which is delivered in a profoundly simple but legitimate elegance, reminiscent of the tradition of robust intellectual fireworks and sparks of academic nuggets, during combatant permutations, my alma matter, the University of Ibadan, Africa’s numero uno, at its peak of pride, relevance, and glory, when Professor Wole Soyinka and his clan members, in the Dramatic, Theatre Arts and Social Sciences Departments and Faculties, of Nigeria’s foremost and historically springboard of intellectual fertility in Africa, the greatest University of Ibadan, in the 60’s70’s and middle 80”s when they took the White mans folly of being at the summit of all civilizational pyramids, by historically and architecturally deconstructing their false claims.

To me, this is what Professor Fodio contextualised in his inaugural lecture.

My final take is to call on government at all levels, to look in wards for our excellent home made solutions, which are
branded professionally, to meet our local obligations, needs and standards.

After all, Professor Fodia has warned, that in both accounting and financial rules and regulations, we must critically reexamine the term global best practices, because, it is a polite and insulting racial inference, used as a slur, to spite and obviate anything not originated by the white man, which for us in the developing countries of the world, is nothing more than a clever hyperbole, to ridicule us , by sustaining their white man’s perpetual burden.

Finally, I believe, it is not a bad idea to call and ask, Alhaji Ibrahim Magu, in the company of ICPC Chair person, as well as my my man of all seasons, Professor Itse Sagay, one of PMB’s most courageous anti corruption and most reliable disciples, who calls a spade, a spade, to invite Professor Inuwa Fodio’s and his Vice Chancellor, Professor Akaro Mainoma, for interrogation, for their failure to invite them, as members of PMB’s Anti Corruption Task Force, to attend this very important event, which has, even for me, as a layman, provided with probing techniques on how to detect budget padding, plus other cryptic techniques and technicalities, by the National Assembly, as well as all their official collaborators, and ensure they produce sufficient copies for governments at all levels to purchase and distribute, so as to encourage the universities and make the universities use their intellectual property, to liberate themselves from imposed slavery and coercive corruption by government appointed crooks.

Imagine this Nigerian irony, where internationally rated and globally renowned university scholars, dons and administrators, are made compulsorily answerable to some educationally under qualified misfits, and nonentities many with forged credentials, all for the sake of politics.

What a curse?

Well, as sad and unacceptably realistic this irony is allowed to be, a situation which is synonymous with ” the tail wagging the dog”, the question now is, “can Nigeria afford this dangerous and humiliating insults”?

Now distinguished invited Ladies and Gentlemen, particularly our distinguished illustrious citizens of this Ivory Tower, aka University Autonomous Community, let’s celebrate this new dawn of revival and rebirth of the roles and responsibilities of the intellectuals in the society, not the politicians, as agenda setters, by inviting all academic facilitators, from the Faculties of Law , Arts, Social Sciences to join forces and promote this anti corruption crusade, by intellectually and professionally contributing their own collective and individual inputs, like Professor Fodio’s compact but handy professional anti corruption digest as contained in his inaugural lecture series,so that, NSUK, which has reared its aggressive intellectual prowess, will become Nigeria’s newest addition to the global family of enlightenments and intellectual communities .

May God support and help those who sacrifice their time and professional resources in helping towards the building of a good and better society, not for destroying it.

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi is of pro-Buhari/Osinbanjo 2019 Dress Code GOWN

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