Arc. Shehu Ahmed Tukur: The Man With Sagacious Clout

By Our Reporter
Arc. Shehu Tukur needs little or no introduction to the people of
Nasarawa state. His imprint is everywhere, seen and appreciated by all
the good people of the state. If you are not enthralled directly by
his sagacity and magnanimity then you are, indirectly by his good
works and innovativeness. Surely, in Nasarawa state, no one can
proudly proclaim that he has not benefited from Arc. Shehu Tukur’s
benevolence or creativity in one way or the other.
Arc. Tukur who is contesting for the position of governorship of
Nasarawa state under the platform of the All Progressive Congress
(APC) made his foray into the political limelight of Nasarawa state
some years back and due mainly to his (Tukur) innovativeness, he
endeared himself to many, including the old and young, rich and poor.
Arc Tukur who is a professional architect with many years of
experience in the field, has an uncommon sincerity and unblemished
record of service.
As an architect, Arc Tukur is as passionate with his professional
career as he is with partisan politics and was never found wanting in
the discharge of his responsibilities either as an architect or as a
politician. As thoughtful man, he handles both his jobs as an
architect and as a politician with great zeal and enthusiasm.
One other thing that can not be taken away from Arc. Tukur is his
dislike for infidelity. While he abhors churlishness in all its
ramifications and values loyalty highly, Arc. Tukur himself is the
type of person who always demonstrates unalloyed loyalty, respect and
support to his superiors. He is a trusted person who doesn’t shudder
in the face of provocation, intimidation or threat of persecution.
A cheerful giver, this architect cum politician detests wastefulness
and immoderate spending; he is a classic example of what a Hausa man
would refer to as “mai kamanta adalce” literary meaning a man of
justice and fair-play.
Arc. Shehu Ahmed Tukur who hails from the ancient city of Keffi and
born into the famous and learned family of Mallam Ahmed Tukur, is no
doubt a man to watch in the political arena of Nasarawa state.
Despite, being a relatively new entrant into the field of partisan
politics, Arc. Tukur today stands out as the best and the most sought
after. The fame which he (Arc Tukur) attained today was due largely to
his magnanimity and compassion.
Arc. Tukur who made his formal declaration to contest for governorship
of Nasarawa state sometime in January last year, earned and is still
earning more accolades from the people; hence the sing song by many,
“Sai ASAT 2019”
In his speech during his formal declaration which he titled,
“Continuing the progress”, Arc. Tukur noted that two things informed
his decision to throw his hat into the ring; first was that he was
inundated with calls from the good people of the state to contest.
Secondly, his desires to further consolidate on the laudable
achievements recorded by the Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura-led
Indeed, Arc. Shehu Ahmed Tukur is the only person among all the
aspirants who the cap fits to govern the state so as to continue with
the good work of Governor Al-makura in Nasarawa state. To-date, Arc.
Tukur remains the only person whom the governor can assign
responsibilities of whatever nature and go to sleep with his two eyes
closed, assured that it will be effectively and efficiently done. Arc.
Tukur more than anyone else in Nasarawa state, is an enigma of sort,
when it comes to carrying out of assigned responsibilities and also
when it comes to keeping cloak-and- dagger.
Certainly, Nasarawa state, as aptly captured by Arc Tukur, needs a
leader who is well experienced, well exposed and who is keenly aware
that development of the state depends on investment in our youths.
As is often said, the future of a country depends on her youths, thus
youths have a major role to play in our development drive in Nasarawa
state. Since Arc. Tukur belongs to these category, we can confidently
and unequivocally say the he (Arc Tukur) possesses all the wherewithal
required of any person seeking for the highest post in the state when
it comes to investment in our youth.
Arc Shehu Tukur who is also the Sarkin Gabas of Keffi is somebody that
doesn’t discriminate on the basis of either tribe or religion. He
regards every indigene or resident of the state as one bonded by
common root and heritage just as he highlighted in his declaration
speech that he will “guarantee a Nasarawa state that will protect
Abdullahi, address the issues of John and uphold the well-being of
all. A Nasarawa that will not deny any Nigerian citizen the right to
political participation and access to services”
Yes, Arc. Tukur is neither a religious bigot nor somebody who
cherishes tribalism. He really belongs to all as can be attested to by
his friends and associates.
Although he is not a cabinet member in the current government of Umaru
Tanko Al-makura but because of his creativity and technical shrewdness
he is closely and strategically involved in all infrastructural drive
of the government of the day.
Arc. Tukur’s involvement and perhaps contribution to infrastructural
push of this government has singled him out as the only person who can
ensure not only continuity in the present government’s drive for
provision of infrastructure to the people of the state but will also
safeguard and uphold the fundamental principles and policies of this
Indeed, voting for Arc Tukur at the APC primaries and subsequent
general election as governor of Nasarawa state in 2019 will certainly
spur Nasarawa’s infrastructural development to the level of being
respected and esteemed by other states.

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