Fake News, Press Boys And Buhari’s Integrity

By Abdulkarim Abdullahi

For a very long time, and undeniably, for some equally obvious paroachial reasons, President Muhammadu Buhari has been a victim of so many forces,with disguised and clandestine motives,especially manifested through spurious press attacks and speculatively selective innuendoes that lack professional credibility,
A very good and typical example of this kind of ‘dressed-coded vendetta brand of media umburrage’ is cleverly presented in this weeks edition of Sonala Olumhense’s syndicated column, in the Daily Trust of Sunday,22nd July,2018, with an emotionally partisan title,”Fake Buhari”!

I believe,that, even the leading PDP anti Buhari character muggers like Femi Fani Kayode and his acidic partner, the glamour and publicity seeking ATL ,as in, Awaiting Trial Looter and outgoing Governor of Ekiti State, Ago Fayoshe may be less disparagingly intemperate and tempted to use,in its undiplomatic absurdity against PMB,like a senior journalist of Olumhense’s standing carelessly displayed.

In any case, the international community has been conscious of the invidious role of the Nigerian Press Boys in relation to the moral impunity by the PDP,which atrocities they had under reported and in most cases, even conspiratorially covered up,because, they had to protect their Masters’ interests, since they are all sponsored beneficiaries of looted funds!

However, regardless of the negative press attacks against President Muhammad Buhari,whose regime has been consciously blackmailed by the political elites,who coined several trendy and unfriendly fake tags,to incriminate him,such as the media imposed herders versus farmers conflict sponsor,just to distract his attention from his anti corruption war against looters and corrupt politicians,the international community is not oblivious of President Buhari’s historic achievement, which is unprecedented in not only Nigeria’s history but also remains a most heroic testimony and an undeniable reference for the new century’s image for both Africa and the Black Race,in international relations and diplomatic history.

Finally, I want to remind Sonala Olumhense about his abandoned project on media corruption which he attempted a haphazard first instalment over a year ago,with a fake declaration to complete its full supplement.

In conclusion, let me advise the Nigerian Media Boys,that, PMB’s Shadow has stretched far and beyond the Nigerian boundaries, and there is nothing they, nor their PDP sponsors can do, to obliterate or dwarf it,to their midget size, and as this popular proverb exerts its full metaphor of excellence, ” those who have no value cannot value those who have”, just like an an will forever remain an ant!

All said and done, the difference is clear betweenvintage PMB and the band of moral hasslers, nursing an ambiguous Coalition of seasoned liters,to destroy our beloved country,because, they,not PMB ,qualified to be called fake elements, undermining Nigeria’s unity!
Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,muhammadabdullahidoka@gmail.com

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