Re- Nasarawa South: Al-makura As Frontrunner

Rayyanu Bala
The formal declaration to contest for Nasarawa South Senate seat in the forthcoming general elections by Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura at the inauguration of the State Executive Council of the APC was but a confirmation of what I highlighted in a piece I wrote early this year entitled: Nasarawa South: Al-makura as Frontrunner. However for purpose of putting the record strength the piece in question is hereby reproduce for your delight. Except: ################
Baring any last minute change of mind, Governor Umaru Tanko Al- makura
is going for the senate seat of Nasarawa South come 2019. This is as
certain as anything one can think of, at least for now. Indeed, going
by body language, we can conclusively aver that Governor Al-makura is
going for this seat. The tacit support, promoters of Ta’al for senate
are getting all over, from known and unknown quarters, are enough to
convince any doubting Thomas about the intention of Governor Al-makura
over this senate seat. As electioneering campaigns is billed to
commence barely some months from now, the big question is: Can
Governor Al-makura make it to the senate if he contests the election?
The answer to this very important question is capital YES. To tell
ourselves the home truth, nobody is capable of beating him at APC
primaries as he has virtually everything set for him to grab. The
delegates would go for him regardless of whoever is contesting with
him. Securing the APC ticket to him is as certain as sun rise.
As things stand, I cannot see anybody from Nasarawa south within the
APC fold that can match Governor Al-makura at whichever front in this
contest. Even though there are some that have openly shown interest to
go for the seat notably Arc. Salihu Hussaini Egyebola and Aminu
Mustapha Ibrahim; but both of them have many things that could count
against them. As for Arc Egyebola, Alago delegates may likely go for
him but the number of the Alago delegates cannot swing the win to his
favour. More importantly, Arc. Egyebola is allegedly said to have
lost the favour of the top party officials in the state. In other
words, he is said to be not in good books of party officials,
following the role he played at the formation of present senate when
he pitched his camp with Senator Abubakar Bokola Saraki against the
wish of party officials in the state. It is further alleged that party
officials fear that he (Egyebola) may likely repeat same defiance when
he eventually finds himself at the senate in 2019.
Again another factor that might likely work against Egyebola is his
financial strength as some political analysts are expressing the
opinion that Arc. Egyebola has no financial muscle to give Governor
Al-makura a run for his money.
Indeed, giving the character and behavior of our people, you cannot
make it as a politician to any elective office without throwing money
around. It is an indisputable fact that when one makes himself
available for any elective office, the first question people without
mincing words ask is, “A kwai ka yan aiki?” meaning does one has the
money to throw around?
Just as financial incapacitation may constitute a cog in the wheels of
Arc Egyebola’s ambition of returning to the senate in 2019, same
financial incapacitation may also constitute a strong factor that
could work against Aminu Mustapha Ibrahim in his quest to go to the
Regardless of beautiful ideas, a politician may have, if he does not
have money to dish out, the best for him is to forget the aspiration.
Of course, money plays a very decisive role in not only our democracy
but all the democracies of the world. There is no any country that
practices democratic system and money is not a factor in winning
elections. Aminu Mustapha Ibrahim may have some beautiful ideas, but
taken into considerations, the kind of politics we play which places
emphasis on money, I am afraid Aminu Mustapha Ibrahim may not get near
to winning the APC ticket. Going by this analysis and just like I
said earlier on, I can not see any person who can beat Governor
Al-makura in the APC primaries in Nasarawa South at least, giving the
likely scenario that may unfold during the primaries.
Just as the coast is going to be clear for Governor Al-makura in the
APC primaries, equally the coast might likely going to be clear for
him during the general elections. Although I am not a predictor of
future events, but going by the likely scenarios that may play out in
the PDP which is the only strong opposition party in the state,
Governor Al-makura may clinch the senate seat and in a more glitzy
The fuss that may likely gravitate the PDP with regard to Nasarawa
South senate seat from all indication is going to be between the
incumbent Senator Solomon Adokwe and incumbent House Member, Hon
Mohammed Ogoshi Onawo. Baring any last minutes change, the fight is
going to be a straight one between the duo; even though they both
belong to the Alago tribe, pundits posit that whoever clinches the PDP
ticket among them, Governor Al-makura would flatly knock him down in
general election. Political watchers in Nasarawa state believes that
the poor performance of both Solomon Adokwe and Hon. Mohammed Ogoshi
Onawo at National Assembly would certainly count against them. They
(political watchers) stressed that both Adokwe and Onawo have not
impacted positively on the people of their constituency for all the
period of their stay at the National Assembly. They went further to
add that even in Agwatashi where Senator Adokwe hails from, there is
nothing to point at as their dividend of democracy courtesy of Senator
Adokwe. Equally in Doma the home town of Hon. Ogoshi, there is nothing
he has done for the people there.
“Both of them (Adokwe and Onawo) have not done anything for their
immediate communities talk less of the entire Nasarawa South”
Political pundits further stressed.
While on the other hand, Governor Al-makura has many things to point
at as part of his contribution to the development of Nasarawa south
which of-course are just needless to enumerate. But suffice it to say
that, as somebody who is serving his eighth year as Governor,
Al-makura has indeed, touched the lives of thousands in the Nasarawa
South Senatorial district which the people cannot forget in a hurry.
Apart from performance and incumbency factor, Governor Al-makura also
has the wherewithal to give any person that emerge from other
political parties a serious fight. Already, the chorus song on the
lips of both the aged and the young in Nasarawa South is: “Nasarawa
South Sai Ta’al” And this is happening in recognition of his
(Al-makura) performance which has impacted positively on the people of
not only Nasarawa South but other zones in the state.
Indeed, from the scenarios which may unfold during APC primaries and
also at the general elections, Govenor Al-makura may clinch the Senate
seat of Nasarawa South, if he finally throws his hat into the ring.

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