Letter To Engr Abdullahi A. Sule, The Executive Governor Of Nasarawa State

First and foremost let me congratulate you on your inauguration as the
4th Executive Governor of Nasarawa state following successful
governorship election held on 13, March 2019. Again let me also extend
same felicitation to you on President Muhammadu Buhari’s
re-election and subsequent inauguration as President and Commander-in-
chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Both your elections and the
majority seats which your party, the APC, secured at both the Red and
the Green champers as well as majority seats secured by the APC at the
Nasarawa state House of Assembly are all clear indications of the
strong confidence the people of Nasarawa state and Nigerians have, in
your abilities to move the state and the country to the next level of
development. Of-course, at the centre, Present Muhammadu Buhari, in
the last four years, has performed wonderfully well in fighting
insurgency in the North-East and insecurity across the country.
Today the dreaded Boko Haram sect has been decimated; they no longer
control any of our territory; their resort to attacking soft target
has also been checked hence today the news of bombing of soft target
is gradually becoming a rarity. Issues of kidnappings and banditry as
well as Farmers/ herders conflicts were reduced to a minimum. Today
kidnappings and banditry receives serious attention at all the levels
of government. IGP Muhammadu Adamu’s steadfastness in curbing rate of
crime and criminality in the country is paying off just as police
personnel’s are today alive to their responsibilities and are
determined to rid the country of all forms of crime through the
recently launched operation Puff Adder and community policing adopted
by the IGP who is the son of the soil.
President Muhammadu Buhari also did marvelously well on the economy.
Through diversification, our economy was able to survive the worst
recession in the history of the country; recession foisted on us by
the past PDP government through economic policy hinged on profligacy.
Despite huge revenue accruals from oil sales, there was nothing left
for the rainy days. Now we have an economy that is attracting shades
of foreign investors; an economy adjudged by the World Bank as one of
the best in ease of doing business.
President Muhammadu Buhari through his doggedness was able to move our
economy from a mono-economy, deeply rooted on oil to a duo economy
with agriculture as an addition.
On fighting corruption, President Muhammadu Buhari made an appreciable
impact on this aspect so much so that today, if not for President
Muhammadu Buhari, we wouldn’t have heard of anything ‘Dasukigate or
Dezianigate’ and lots more of slush funds EFCC is daily recovering
from across the country.
The Treasury Single Accounts (TSA), Bank Verification Number (BVN) and
the whistle-blower policy which President Muhammadu Buhari stamped his
feet on, is assisting, in no small measure, in curbing corruption in
our polity. I make bold to say that these policies serves as an
albatross around the neck of corrupt people in this country.
In Nasarawa state, to say the truth, the success story of your
predecessor former governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura, just like that of
President Muhammadu Buhari, was marvelous as there were no any sector
of the state economy that Al-makura did not touched positively in the
last eight years of his administration, even his ardent enemies would
have no option than to admit that he has done far better than his
predecessors. And just like you observed in your inaugural speech,
Al-makura has done pretty well on roads construction, constructions
and renovations of health care facilities. He has also improved our
education standard through constructions and renovations of class
rooms in our primary schools and in our institutions of higher
learning among others.
Your Excellency as you kept reminding the people of Nasarawa that you
will build on the achievements recorded by Al-makura; an assurance
which you kept emphasized in your no- hold –barred interviews with
newsmen at various fore and which you kept reminding the people of
Nasarawa state at every slightest opportunity, including your
inaugural address, however I wish to states that I am 100 per-cent
with you here and to even encourage you to not only build on
Al-makura’s legacy but to even do better than what he has done. It is
instructive to note that among the teething problems afflicting the
people of Nasarawa state, Al-makura was able to provide solutions to
only about 35 per-cents of the problems.
Sir Nasarawa state, as you are fully aware, is an agrarian and civil
service state hence, both the farmers and the civil servants depends
on government for survival. Apart from this sir, the state is also
ravaged by hunger and poverty, unemployment, insecurity, envy and cut-
throat pettiness so to speak. So sir, if you look at all these
problems it would certainly down on you that you have enormous
problems to contend with as chief steward of Nasarawa state. I know
you can surmount these challenges taken into cognizance your pedigree
and determination to move the state to the next level.
Sir in your inaugural address, you promised to tackle rumor-
mongering, however, apart from rumor- mongering there are also issues
of envy and cut-throat pettiness among the people of the Nasarawa
state which you must do your best to addressed. And the only way to
address these twin evils today in Nasarawa state is by shunning around
you all those that possesses those tendencies. Indeed, as you are
aware, there is a Hausa adage which says: ‘Ba’a mugun sarki sai mugun
bapaji’ and just as you are also fully aware, no state or country
progresses with evils of envy, pettiness and backbiting well
entrenched among its leaders and citizenry.
The Holy Qura’an and the Bible warns us against envy and pettiness and
enjoins us to avoid envy and wary of envious people around us. As a
Muslim you are fully in the know, there is a full chapter in the Holy
Qura’an that talks about these evils tendencies. You must therefore do
your best by spurning people with these evil acts, as these types of
people are many and very much around all the leaders and in all the
four corners of our clime. Successful leaders as the saying goes are
those who are straight forward, free from treacherous and envious acts
and hard against backbiters and rumor-mongers.
Sir, in one of my piece entitled: “Why Engineer A.A Sule should succeed
Al-makura which appeared in Nasarawa Eye on-line over a year ago
precisely on May 7, 2018, I highlighted the point which you rose
before the late Emir of Lafia when you visited him in his palace,
regarding your real objective behind aspiring for the office governor
of Nasarawa state. During the visit you said “If it were for monetary
benefits you would not have ventured into partisan politics let alone
seeks for the elective office of governor”. You stressed that you
ventures into politics just to offer your service by contributing to
the well-being of people of Nasarawa state. At this juncture sir, I
wish to remind you on this your solemn objective.
Given your pedigree, I have no doubt in mind; you will strive at all
times to live up to this objective. Your background, as we are aware,
is such which hinge on simplicity. As I also observed in my very
write- up that, you are a man who abhors profligacy in all its
ramifications. I even went on to states that it is preposterous for
one to assume that your disgust for profligacy was a result of your
alleged stinginess. I concluded in the write up that you are but a
cheerful giver, what you detest is wastefulness which no religion
As you steer the ship of Nasarawa state, I still have no doubt in my
mind that all your policies and programmes would be anchored on
probity and accountability; and you will strive to avoid wastefulness,
(Thank God you also mentioned these probity and accountability in your
inaugural speech)
Not to bother you much, sir I beg to stop here but before I stop one
more words: Always have in mind that “Ba a mugun sarki sai mugun
bapaji” It is always the attitude of ‘Bapaji’ that give leaders bad
image and reputations which at the end serve as catalyst for
leaders downfall.
Ayi Sallah Lafiya, sir.

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