Who Will Tell PMB To Look For Visible Faces Of Yesterday’s Heroes

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

“If wishes were horses and integrity were still a valid banner without stain”,

I would have loved to repeat this same question, at today’s deceptive crowd of political cheats and clever ingrates!

Yes, I feel fascinated and inspired to recall those great moments in the history of the cinema.

In the days of the great movies when the ingenuity of the .Hollywood Dream Merchants of creativity, versatility and imaginative spectacles, developed imaginary film techniques, involving superb portrayals of superimposed magical montage images of unselfish heroes in some well conceived dream sequences and supernatural flashbacks scenes.

,Meant as set pieces, to wit, as well as encouragingly serve.
as illustrative folio of mockery, aimed at satirising society’s moral foibles,quibbles and shameless shortcomings,

As focal parable, meant to psychologically tease, pontificates and demonstrates some basic fantasies, as well as philosophical allegories and existential moral testimonies about man’s inner tendencies and vulnerability to evils.

Today, I feel agitated and compellingly nostalgic about the same era, to provocatively yell out the same message,

But at different crowd and time but with the same type of afflicted fixations, courtesy of the same prototype charlatans,the deranged sort of characters, whose moral ambivalence resonates with the same kind of bestially tempers of anguished echoes and acute banalities!

Of the same ancient age of indulgent ignorance , selfishness and insatiable insanity !

Otherwise, how on earth can anybody easily forget, some of the most daringly committed and selflessly bravest heroes in the multiple crowds of fanatical devotees,

who sacrificed their everything, from titles,positions , influences and even marital vows,

As well as; friendships and family ties , nay, even life itself, to canonise the Buharian Change, particularly in Nasarawa State?

Where the Talakawas, came out proud and in droves,tatteredly dressed,yet passionately proud, excited and boastfully pitching and ululating dramatically ,
all for the sake of promoting , a special political brand,

The change brand slogans of ” Nigeria Sai Baba Buhari”,
to the world,as they chanted and poetically celebrated the birth of a pragmatically and newly toasted , “integrity governance”, a new baby to behold,in the annals of Nigeria’s atrophied morality!

With Nasarawa State,as its flagship terminal,as well as the iconic “Garden of Eden”,
where the Buharian fertile and fertility seed ,
for positive change was successfully planted,

Within a germinated fruit producing cycle time belt, .
with some edible fruits harvested,

Alas,only to have the labourers in the plantation. in rueful anguish ,
deprived of their labour’s worth?

If integrity is our new game plan, then,it is obviously desirable and timely for the APC stakeholders to do do the needful, to undertake a critically new surgical looks at the party ,for an appraisal,or review ,
of its process and procedures by taking a second look at the party’s battered image. after the Zamfara Tragedy,

Which is not an isolated case, nor accidental phenomenon but a coordinated plot,
hatched by OBJ’s disciples in APC, decorated as secret PDP moles and duper masquerades ,
Who dance and dine with PMB in the day time ,

But sneak into the cozy corrupt embraces of afflicted godfathers and PDP Atikulooted Characters of infamy in the thickness of the Nights,

engaged in voluptuous orgy of betrayals and ,abuse of trust ,

Until the surveillance exposé of nemesis and karma striked,to showcase the truth and nothing but the truth!

Now, at this juncture of anxiety and selfish doubts…….

“who.will Tell PMB To Look For The Visible Images Of Yesterday’s Heroes. In The Craked and Tainted Mirror, Of Today”?
which are now faded and replaced by tainted graffities of fake cabal faces and yesterday’s voluptuously dishonest ingrates?

I discovered,much later in the night, that all this while,
It was a dream turned into nightmare,

During which my emotional waveform monitors were gravitationally tempted,ad well as magnetically attracted,

by the tainted realities of our political environment , to reenact some of the tyrannic deliriums I encountered , which terrific impact I was confronted with,as a nightmare.

Especially, the brutality inflicted on a Bagaji Pro Buharian Youth Activist,
whose life was hanging precariously in the balance,
on the verge of its terminal end,

Having been sliced in two parts, from his forehead down.
with a war sized, long battlefield sword,
by a PDP sponsored thug,

At the behest of a notoriously vengeful war Lord and local bully from Karu Local Government Area,

A foppishly morbid political nomad,
who later decamped to CPC before the merger into APC,

Who was eventually rewarded with several key appointments, including Chairman of an Aviation Ministry,s plumb Parastatal,
in addition to several unmerited positions , both of them, in the highest rankings of both glamour and infamy.

Despite his being one of the major setbacks to PMB’s victory ,as a result of his glaring unpopularity,

Which made him a political liability, with available records from INEC result sheet,
to compare notes and for better,or worse,

To prove,as well as showcase the validity and vitality.of integrity , as the embodiments of frank and valid proofs,
that, he could not even secure his polling unit, nor did he vote PMB at the Lagos APC Presidential Primaries Convention, in 2015,

Where he cast his votes for one of the notorious OBJ Looters,

Yet, he was miraculously anointed a political Emporer in Nasarawa State?

May be as the public in Nasarawa State now alleges,

It could be due to some fetish factors and mysteriously coopted influences?

Then ,suddenly without notice.
the dynamic mode of the dreams made their rapid but panoramic transitions,

During which I found myself surrounded by numerous Talakawa.Activists, along.with teams of Youth and Women Groups, across the nooks and crannies of the State!

Particularly, at the jam-packed Lafia Square,
Where the people were left,stranded,as passengers of the entourage were abandoned,

in favour of the new PDP favour seekers , who menacingly posed and poised ,
as PDP ex -refugees, who have hijacked the only available Bus,to the Eagle Square ,at Abuja!

I found myself , still in dreamy ecstasy, furiously asking the stranded passenger groups, about some of our individual key players,

many of whom are virtually,dead , but nonetheless,

All of them without exception being established volunteers,
in the Buharian Support Movement, which composition cuts across ethno religious,as well as geopolitical boundaries.

Now I found myself ideologically excited and mesmerized, standing, infront of the surging crowd of enthusiastic APC BIG LEAGUE supporters, as I suddenly started asking curiously:

Where is my brother, The Abaga of Toni, Dr. Sylvester O. Ayih, now late , and of blessed memory?

Who dared the PDP imperial Emperors and bullies, who threatened to remove him and other traditional rulers from their thrones, if they ventured to grant audience to the; peoples General,
whom the PDP Mafia had always dreaded with a passion?

The late Abaga was so ideologically beholden to President Buhari’s core values of integrity, which moral embellishments is doctrinally in tandem with his Christian convictions ,
which appeals
decidedly urged him to spiritually stand by PMB and wait to receive him at the Garaku City Gate, to honour such an August Visitor and the future President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Despite all the threats and encumberences enumerated with regards to the consequences and penalties associated with his banning orders.!

I also started asking about all the pro Buharian groups , in each of the 13 Local Government Areas,plus all the 13 Development Areas,who have been partners and companions of this Buharian positive change Struggles,
since the arrival of PMB on the political scene ,

Beginning with the Zulkalleni Maimatasa Groups in Lafia, who served .as the arrowhead of all the Lafia Youth Teams,

Whose effective vigilantism compelled the PDP to abort their ill-conceived satanic plans, to rig the CPC of its vital Gubernatorial victory during the 2015 Nasarawa State Gubernatorial mandate ,

So I continued the roll call by enquiringly asking about the Baba Ali Angulu Doma groups, who,comprised Muslims. Christians, including even worshippers of traditional religion,

Whose collective sacrifices and unity of purpose was the major inspiration behind President Muhammadu Buhari and Engineer A. A. Sules superlative victory.
irrespective of any other contrary submission, which is totally and disingenuously fraudulent and purely meant to be a self- serving political gimmick
,,for cheap and facetiously indulgent selfishness and false claims.

As I was scanning to locate our Think Tank Team, I saw the late Mallam Rufa”I Ibrshim,the famous Journalist of blessed memory, coming along with: Muhammad Kabir Abubakar,the Danmalikin Keffi,
Isa Ibrahim Modibbo, and Dr. Shehu Othman Keana,the Oxford resident Scholar and Polemist, who took Sabbatical Leave ,so he could avail his time,

to contribute his quarter,to the political libration of our nation and his native state,as they moved forward,to join in one of the greatest Pro – Talaka Rally,

By a socially credible movement,which popularity is phenomenally exciting , perhaps,
. Next to the NEPU self conscious and consciousness grassroots movement,
in the First, Republic, which PDP Looters and their APC decorated moles are fighting to corruptly devalue and destroy , .for which purpose we insist to have integrity as our Buharian Standard Screening .and Quality Control Centre,

Then, suddenly, as the crowd cheered, and roared , as loud voices pierced through the air asking,”who will take us to tell PMB, about the ill motivated,evil plots and amidst conspiracy against Change?
i I saw myself , standing , shouting: back:*,I will take you there..,as I proceeded loudly:, I will take you there to PMB, knowing fully well,that, “each leader has a vicarious responsibility”, defend,both here on earth as well. In the Hereafter after concluding with one of the great Sheik Usman Danfodio’s classically legendary sublime Islamic Qoute, which spiritually pontificates assertively that,” Conscience is an open wound, only the truth can heal it”!

This is a an apt philosophical therapy, which, I believe, each and every Nigerian,nay indeed, every human being in search of truth,in any part, of the world,needs, as an iconic and permanent source of cure, for troubled souls!

For all those politicians,hoping to cross over to the Next Level,,by PMB in 2019, we say thank you,Preparatory to moving to the Final Level in 2023 by Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu by God’s Grace, Ameen!

I rest my case, with an appreciation to great Pan Nigerians, like the former Cross River State Governor,Clement Ebri, former DG NTA Dr. Tonnie Iredia, former DVC Unilag, Professor Duro Oni, former Nigerian Ambassador to Brazil ,Patrick Dele Cole , Prof.Daniel Gwarry, Prof. Itse Sagay, Setley Daze , Paul Unongo, Distinguished Senator George Akume, Prof. I. Higher, Prof. Mvendaga Jibo , Comrade Aba Aba, the young Idoma youth leader,committed to Northern Unity,among numerous others!
So long and wishing you the best in life,as we sustain PMB’S efforts to make Nigeria Greater,better and corruption free,than we met it!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,abdulkarimullahadoka@gmail.com:Founder and National Patron, APC Big League, alias,Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships.

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