Editorial: Welcoming A Brand New SSG, Aliyu Tijjani

On Monday, the good people of Nasarawa state wake up to a cheering
news regarding appointment of a new Secretary to the State Government
in the person Aliyu Tijjani. Tijjani served the government of Umaru
Tanko Al-makura as Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy
Affairs and later moved to Ministry of Education through cabinet
reshuffled. Aliyu Tijjani was swore into office today (Wednesday) by
the Governor of Nasarawa state Abdullahi Alhaji Sule.
The news of appointment of Aliyu Tijjani was received with mixed
feelings; there are those in support of the appointment and those
against it. However, whether we support it or not, God in his wisdom has done it and there is nothing we the ordinary folks can do
other than to accept it as will of God.
We observed in our editorial which appeared in our mainstreamed
publication some three years ago, precisely in our September, 2016 edition entitled: “Kudus to Aliyu Tijjani
Ahmed” that the man Aliyu Tijjani Ahmed means many things to many
people. To some, Aliyu Tijjani Ahmed is a man who literally runs
faster than his legs and conducts himself arrogantly while to others,
he is an epitome of competence – a man who knows his onions and always
desires to accomplish any given task regardless of whose ox is gored.
Yes, we said it in that editorial and we will repeat it here: We in
Nasarawa Eye believe the later description perfectly suits Aliyu
Tijjani Ahmed’s personality. He is indeed, an epitome of competence and a man of many
We also observed in that editorial that when Aliyu Tijjani served as
Chairman, Nasarawa Local Government Council, he offered a meritorious
service to the people of the area; so much so that he emerged as the
most accomplished and celebrated Chairman in the history of Nasarawa
Local Government Council.
In the editorial we further stressed thus: “it was these qualities of
his that attracted Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura to appoint him as
Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, after the
expiration of his tenure as Chairman of Nasarawa Local Government
Indeed, through out his sojourn as commissioner under Umaru Tanko
Al-makura, Aliyu Tijjani has never disappointed him (Al-makura) or his
numerous admirers. He stood firm to what he believed was the best for
his principal and the best for the people of Nasarawa state.
Regardless of what some few are saying about him, Aliyu Tijjani worked
to the best of his abilities as chairman of Nasarawa Local Government
and as Commissioner in all the Ministries he has served in Nasarawa
state. One good thing that is always going for Aliyu Tijjani is his
open door policy and his straightforwardness. Nobody can deny such
qualities in him.
We therefore believe the choice of Aliyu Tijjani as the SSG by Governor
Abdullahi Alhaji Sule is the best more so that he (Tijjani) is
well-groomed in art of governance in the state. As he assume office today, it is our
hope and prayer that he will not let Governor Sule down and will not
also let the people of the state gasping in disillusionment at the end
of his service to the state as SSG.

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