Ruga Settlements: Time To Display Maturity And Oust Emotional Outbursts

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

Experience has shown,that, more often,than not,majority of local,national and even international crises escalate beyond their controllable boundaries, when stakeholders fail to apply reason, as a barrier against their entrenched emotional territories!
I still believe, that. the Ruga Settlements project is a good and viable idea but has been artificially jeopardized by parochial inhibitions,conspicuously instigated by an already existing violent grand political conspiracy, by the OBJ-Atikullooted national gangsters, that made the good project a bad product to sale,in whatever way you look at it!

I am convinced, that, due to its bad timing and the ominous display of orchestrated opposition against it by the host communities, I want the Federal Government to suspend the project until all the stakeholders in the affected communities involved in the project, objectively speaking, reappraise their roles and responsibilities.

I don’t want to believe the popular theory making the rounds,that, the project was an ill motivated and conspiratorially conceived program,as a set up plot, mischievously designed to reward Aitiku’s Atikulloted politically inclined, restructuring policy,in order to provoke national instability, which by remarkable irony of intentions, seem to be a well informed prediction,given the role of the former President, OBJ,in the ominous display of orchestrated opposition against it by the host communities involved!

Well, as far as I can see, the Ruga Project has generated unnecessary controversy.

In this regard,the Federal Government should either suspend, or abort the project,until all the stakeholders come to terms, with the various realities and scopes of advantages and disadvanages associated with the project,
My final take is,that,President Muhammadu Buhari should remember,that,”bravery is greater than valor” and should by all means possible,at his disposal, give options for alternative s.
I am aware,that, people like Retired Admiral Murtala Nyako, Distinguished Senator Abdullahi Adamu,the Turakin Keffi, plus the DG NTA,Yakubu Ibn Muhammad,through his Executive Director Marketing, Abdulhamid Dembos,as well as Hamza Musa Makarfi and Nasiru Zaharadeen,with whom we produced 6 half hour 30 minutes mini documentary series on the Fulani Herders Nomadic Plights,in collaboration with, the National Livestock Project ,a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, located opposite NTA/FRCN premises in Kaduna.

This program was produced by NTA Kaduna Network Centre, when I was its Zonal Director.

The NTA Network HQ, approved the collaborative project with the National Livestock Development Project,when Dr. Tonnie Iredia was DG and approvedthe project, as NTA’s contribution in promoting positive national interests , which was produced by Hamza Musa Makarfi and with myself and Nasiru Zahradeen as Executive Producer and Coordinator ,respect tively, during the last phase of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s regime,

I am convinced and believe , beyond any iota of doubt,that. there are enough facts and historical background information in the program,to broaden public knowledge and inspire fresh perspectives , which values will make sanity to prevail as a final and positive outcome!

Finally ,as they say in in my village of Doka in those ancient days of spiritual wisdom that ,its better to look back in memory of the good harvests of yesterday’s precautions, than pursue the hasty but ominous possibilities of an unpredictable bumper harvest of tomorrow!

It is a shame,that, after several years of peaceful co- coexistence, people like OBJ and his other Atikulooters, who have not only failed but ruined Nigeria, after being honoured with the position of highest authority, yet they could not manage but are ominously desperate to ,only upset
the Apple Cart,

And cause chaos,anarchy and confusion in the land, because, all said and done, the current stalemate on the Herders Versus Farmers crises,is an orchestrated product of Organized Crimes, by failed past leaders like OBJ and his corrupt Looters in the PDP and their APC domestic Ghost Workers!

For better,for worse….
May the Almighty God continuously bless Nigeria and protect PMB and all of us,her citizens,from the evil instigations of power mongers like OBJ and his corrupt Monsters!

I rest my case until at the Next Level ,..
To.celebrate PMB’S Superlative. Records of achievement and inaugurate- JABT, Jagaban Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s 2023 final solution .
Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,

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