PMB Should Focus Attention On Tracking PDP Moles In APC

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

In the extant history of all major social movements in the world, the most debilitating hindrances that pause the greatest setbacks towards attaiment of rapid victory, has always been due to some form of underground factors,associated with, internal saboteurs,who manipulate events, to suite and favour the set target of achieving their vested and selfish interests!

This problem
applies to all formal and informal organisations in the society, without exception, except there is an efficiently designed system for constant monitoring and evaluations, for appraisals of performance ,through appropiate and highly defined guidelines , that serve as reference parameters, checkmating abuses,the absence of which make the attainment of goal,not only unnecessarily harzadous ,but equally very frustrasting to accomplish.

Against this backround, “it is not in our best national interest, to allow President Muhammadu Buhari’s Positive Change Doctrine , to be another mission imposdible, or an abandoned project,”by leaving this lofty and laudble project”, to suffer premature death, in the hands of internal undertakers,like the inspirationally motivated War Against Indiscipline and Corruption, conceived with great expectations and promise but which was virtually abandoned, due to the agressive resentments against it, by the godfathers and grandmasters of corruption, in Nigeria,since their ungodly military coup,against President Buhari’s 1983 poineering efforts at ideologically
mobilising Nigerians for positive change and attitudinal reorientations,across the board.

In furtherance of our national quest to stem the rot in our democratic system, there is no better alternative to positive change than PMB’s advocacy for all elections to be free and fair, through the established code of integrity,which golden rules allow the application of an Open Ballot Direct Nomination System,which automatically obviates the Indirect System,which has been the most undemocratic inpidement to democratic culture in Nigeria.

Now,we are all aware of how most governors and local tingods in APC had jettisoned this President Buhari’s Executive Order,in conducting virtually all the elections,except the Presidential intra-party Primaries,which President Muhammadu Buhari himself insisted and made it a free and mandatory national policy,to guide all and sundary.

If the truth must be our guide, the failure to oblige and this most transperant and self- regulatory process in the application and implementation of due procesd in the conduct of our electoral practices,are the obtacles and causes of all our political crises,
which the major political players are to be blamed ,especially some governors,who take public interests for granted and treat democracy as an extention of their infatuations with pharoahnic hallucinations and medieval impunity of power hubris!

This officially organised fuedalisation of democratic process was what caused the Zamfara APC victory to be voided by the Eections Petitions Tribunal and could have affected many more States in the country, irrespective of their party identity, since both offenders, are operating at par,with their PDP era rigging formular.

My final take on this rigging culture,which has been an estsblished legacy in the OBJ era of impunity, should not be allowed thrive and extended to our new Buharian era of integrity and positive change policies,like is being illegally and surruptitiously canvassed, by many Obasanjo trained and imposed PDP moles, in APC,who try to undermine President Buhari’s New Social Order,meant to democratise and sanitise the past ills, imposed by OBJ’s disciples and political merchants, who regard politics as a conduite for açcumulation of unproductive weath!

In conclusion and all said and done, it is time to call a spade a spade and to sincerely appeal to the APC Leadership,for the setting up of a Special Task Force, to investigate flaggarant abuses of Executive Powers in many ststes, which makes Zamfara State a child’s play,thereby nibbing the ugly trend in the bud,before the internal tratoirs and power mongers in APC destroy its credibility and render it indisguishible with OBJ’s PDP.

Let us establish an integrity code for checkmating abuses by Governors,to salvage the APC from terminal destruction before 2023, pls!

I rest my case!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi,Founder and National Patron, APC BIG LEAGUE,alias Buhari Integrity Group Avocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships;

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