Nasarawa LG Pensions: Kudos To Engr Sule

By Abdullahi Ladan

Over the years, Local Government Pensioners in Nasarawa state for no fault of theirs were silently passing through excruciating experience they never expected at post retirement, a period they envisaged could pave way for them to take a rest at choice places like Huwhei, Obudu cattle ranch, Yankari Game reserve and others alongside family members.

To all men of Goodwill and lovers of natural Justice, local government Pensioners in Nasarawa state deserve accolade for despite all the frustrations that started with the delay of their monthly Pension, percentage payment of over 52 months with current accumulated arrears of four months they remain resolute by not doing anything untoward in reaction to injustice meted on them.

The leadership of the Union of pension in the state never had it easy either as members along the line kept insinuating as if there is a romance in between them and the relevant authority to shortchange them, an inevitable price we have to pay as leaders. However, the recent developments as anchored by His Excellency Engr. Abdullahi Sule led administration to find solution to the lingering Pension matter at the local government level raise our hope of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

While these measures are put in place it is hope that relevant stakeholders including the Ministry for Local Government, the office of Local Government Auditor General, the Bureau of Pension and the Union of pension should cooperate and ensure that the good intention of His Excellency is realised to better the Fortune of pensioners.

Local Government Pensioners as usual should exercise Patience as the Union leadership is in tune with developments and will keep appealing to the relevant bodies so that the needful is done while appealing that the 13 Local Government councils heed to the directive of His Excellency that two months out of the 4 months arrears owed Pensioners be paid immediately.

Indeed, we are confident that better days are ahead for pensioners in the state. Kudos to the people’s Governor.

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