Akurba Power Sub-Station: Lafia Residents Knocks Buhari, Sule


Residents of Lafia Nasarawa state capital have criticized President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Abdullahi A. Sule and entire stakeholders of Nasarawa state for not taken enough interest towards completion of Akurba 330 KVA Power Sub-Station which contract was awarded over 5 years ago.

Some residents of Lafia who spoke to Nasarawa Eye in an interview noted that similar Power Sub Stations which contracts were awarded almost same time with that of Akurba have since been completed and commissioned.

They cited an example of similar transmission sub-station in Gaogarawa of Jigawa state which contract was awarded not more than 3 years ago, but have been completed and commissioned penultimate week by the Minister of Power Engr Sale Mamman and assisted by the Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) Engr Sule Ahmed Abdul-aziz aimed at increasing the capacity of the National grid and increase bulk power supply to Jigawa state.

Lafia residents who expressed shock and dismay over the attitude of both President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Abdullahi Sule and other critical stakeholders in Nasarawa state observed that Akurba sub –station holds the key to the development of Lafia the state capital as well the entire state, adding that no matter the efforts government is putting towards making life better for the people, if there is no adequate power supply all the efforts will end in failure.

They commended the concern Gov Sule has so far showed towards the completion of the Sub-station but regretted that the efforts was not good enough, saying that if serious pressure was mounted on the President by now the Akurba Sub-station would have been a success story.

While lamenting the way and manner electricity is being supply across the state especially in Lafia the state capital however stressed that everywhere in Nigeria there is remarkable improvement of electricity supply as people enjoys more than 12 hours supply daily but regretted that residents of Lafia hardly gets 4 hours supply in a day and attributed this unfortunate development to lack of concern exhibited by the critical stakeholders in the state.

They condemned the stakeholders for not championing a common cause and noted that prominent individuals in the state must put all egos aside and start championing what will be of common good to all.

Efforts by Nasarawa Eye to get comment from General Manager of Nasarawa State Electricity Power Agency (NaEPA) Engr Abubakar Danjuma Ango failed.

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