Christmas Celebration: Nasarawa APC Scribe Urges Christians To Show Love, Understanding To All

The Nasarawa State APC Caretaker Scribe and CEO Aliyu Bello Charity Foundation urged the Christians across the country, particularly from Nasarawa State to show love and understanding to all Mankind irrespective of tribe and religion

In a message to Christians at this period of yuletide he said “We have indeed, a lot to be grateful to God as our Christians brothers, sisters and friends celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

“We started the year together and by his grace, mercy, favour and the unconditional love of our most high God, we are about to end the year successful, as we are in this special season, I wish you all a merry Christmas and prosperous new year, he Said. Various speakers at different fora Described Aliyu Bello as great leader who is ever ready to assist all without due regards to one’s tribe or religion. “This is the only man in Nasarawa state whose foundation has been changing and promoting the education of our children and younger ones” “People only claim to have existing foundations on papers but Aliyu Bello’s foundation can be seen and touch he believes in talents and abilities.. We shall continue to stand with him wherever he goes” concluded one speaker. Others also described him as great man with absolute pedigree in politics, saying in the history of lafia we have never had a leader who combined this kind of dexterity.

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