Nasarawa Set To Access N79.5bn From FG’s Natural Resources Development Fund

The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission says it fiscal Efficiency and Budget Committee will harmonize the submissions of the Nasarawa State Government towards accessing seventy nine point five billion naira Development of Natural Resources Fund of the Federal Government.

This assurance was given by Chairman of the committee, Adamu Shetima Yuguda Dibal when he led other members to the Power Point presentation at the Conference Hall of the Deputy Governor’s Office in Lafia.

Chairman of the Fiscal Efficiency and Budget Committee at the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission Abuja, Adamu Shetima Yuguda Dibal, while underscoring the essence of their visit to Nasarawa state noted that it is with a view to certifying the formal presentation of the state government’s request seventy nine point five billion naira to access the Development of Natural Resources Fund.

According to him, the fund is one of the items of the special funds that receive one point eight six percent allocation from the federation account on monthly basis and is added to the share of the federal government to be kept in trust for the three tiers of government.

Adamu Shetima Yuguda Dibal who is the former Deputy Governor of Borno state added the objective of establishing the fund is to achieve resource diversification of the nation’s economic base through the development of other key sectors aimed at creating alternative sources of revenue to move from overdependence on oil.

Earlier, Chairman of Nasarawa state Internal Revenue Board Ahmad Yakubu Mohammed said the Power Point presentation is on exploring opportunities in priority areas where the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission can leverage on for approval of the Development of Natural Resources Fund.

Deputy Governor of Nasarawa state, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe informed his guests that the state wants to see how it can take advantage of its aboundant natural resources to improve the lots of the citizenry as well as boost the economy. The Deputy Governor affirmed that government has put a lot of emphasis on agriculture and mining with public private partnership in place to develop the sectors, assuring that the team will be given the required support and corporation as they go round to assess facilities that will enable the state access the Development of Natural Resources Fund.

Formal presentation of the Power Point was anchored by the Director General, Nasarawa Investment Development Agency, NASIDA, Ibrahim Abdullahi where he highlighted three thematic areas of agriculture, tourism and minerals development, just as suggestions were made on the need for the state to key into the Presidential Initiative on gold and limestone exploration.


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