Your Clandestine Activity To Become APC National Chairman Will Fail, Group Chide Senator Abdullahi Adamu

A group known as APC strategic support team has chided Senator Adamu for wanting to become APC Nat’l Chairman Through Unsuspecting Means.

A press statement signed by Muhmmad Yusuf and Cheukemeka Eze, Chairman and Secretary respectively indicated that after a deep reflection, careful consideration of the facts, in addition to consulting with largely other support groups of our great party, we have arrived at the decision to put this issue in the public domain by issuing this press statement on the clandestine and nefarious activities of His Excellency, Senator Abdullahi Adamu. The group observed that Senator Adamu was saddled with the onerous responsibility as Chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee of our party, unfortunately, he has since transmuted into an aspirant for the position of National Chairman in the forthcoming convention from the backdoor.

We have it on good authority that Senator Abdullahi Adamu, after each meeting of the Reconciliation Committee with aggrieved members of the party, he further ambushes them by making overtures for his enthronement as the National Chairman of our party. The group averred further that Senator Adamu’s activities are entirely at variance with the spirit and letters of the terms of reference of the Committee, which he has the privilege to chair. Needless to say that Adamu’s clandestine solicitations are a clear breach of the enviable reputation of the Office of the Chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee of our party.

The statement further stressed that at a time when our party is in dire need of cohesiveness and inclusivity, Senator Adamu should have been conscientiously building bridges and creating the platform for a united APC. Rather, he is now in the overdrive to become the party’s National Chairman through unsuspecting means. Having served as a two-term Governor of Nassarawa State and now a serving Senator, Abdullahi Adamu should demonstrate a sense of character and integrity and the requisite boldness to throw his hat in the ring like other aspirants who are contending for the Office of National Chairman. He should desist from using undemocratic tactics to achieve his aim.

We are therefore calling on our leader, President Muhammadu Buhari, Chairman of the Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC), and other stakeholders to set the framework to investigate the activities of Senator Abdullahi Adamu. We are also calling on His Excellency, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, to take the path of honor and resign immediately, the added

The group lamented that if Senator Adamu is so desirous of leading our party as the National Chairman, he should come out clear and make his intentions known rather than engaging in such unwholesome activities. His disposition at this time is giving credence to the grapevine information that the last vestiges of the nPDP in our party are regrouping or repositioning themselves ahead of the 2023 general elections. If Senator Abdullahi Adamu is a mole, the time to investigate and expose him is now.

While appealing to members of the legacy political parties that formed the APC to strive hard to achieve their lifelong dreams of a purpose-driven and result-oriented progressive party. The group warned against siting and watching Senator Abdullahi Adamu and his ilk derailing their hard-earned legacy.

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