Why APC Must Stick To It’s Convention Date

By Yusuf Shehu Usman

The truth is that no Political party can resolve all it’s Internal problems before it’s National Convention
In fact, the Convention it’s self will always produce new problems on the day and at the ground of the event
Political conflicts are engrained in politics it’s self and there will never be a day when any Political party will be in a state where it has resolved all it’s Internal conflicts
By nature, conflicts keep evolving and by the time you are trying to find a solution to one conflict another will naturally crop up
It’s in the nature of politics that it’s dynamic and continuously evolving and internal conflicts are integral parts of this dynamism
Internal conflicts will never end so long as politics is about interest
Therefore it is not and it can not be a valid argument or a sustainable position for the Reconcilation Committee of the APC to seek a further extension of time to allow it resolve all conflicts before the party can hold its National Convention, which is just three weeks ahead
That’s how the Caretaker Committee kept seeking extension of time for one reason or another to delay the Convention until it put the party in the tight corner it has found it’s self today
Since a day has already been agreed and fixed for the Convention, that day should be sancrosant and no excuse should be allowed to derail it
The elected National Working Committee should take over and continue the process of resolving the internal conflicts within the party, from where the Caretaker and Reconciliation Committees have stopped
In fact and indeed that’s one of the Principal mandates of the elected party executives
The Caretaker Committee should just thank the Reconcilation Committee for what it has been able to achieve and the party should also thank the Caretaker Committee for it’s contributions and let the APC proceed to its National Convention as fixed

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