Atiku Abubakar And His Nigerian Dream

By Jamil Zakari, Phd
The former Minister of Transport in the early 80s, Alh. Umaru Dikko didn’t forecast 2023 when he reportedly told late MKO Abiola that NIGERIA’s presidency was not for sale.

PDP’s flagbearer Atiku Abubakar’s obscene wats of dollars, makes it doubtful if Dikko can say the same thing today.

To be President, Atiku is ready to buy Nigeria.

Don’t come and complain later of monetisation, conquerisation, fulanization, personalisation of Nigeria when the new CEO sales NNPC, the national anthem, and concessioned the economy to Chinese etc.

In hostile takeovers like this, nobody should talk about marginalization, resource control or such other coinations of convenience because the ministers of defence, finance, internal affairs, petroleum, accountant general, national security adviser etc will not only come the north or south or share the same faith but will come from one household.

But hey, don’t be scared of this annoying forecast.

The positives are that insecurity will be gone for good – no private owner of an entity can’t tolerate it. Ditto persistent shortages in housing, roads, hospital and other essentials – the new czar will generously provide them for subjects.

Don’t mind me, ASUU makes us dream dreams.

Talking about ASUU strike though, there ll be no more strikes. Atiku will turn all public universities in Nigeria in the image of the American University of Nigeria in Yola. And what’s more, it will be for free. No more strike worries nor high blood pressure over school fees.

We are looking at a land of bread and butter, milk and honey post 2023.

I am just thinking aloud whether to go for Atikulooted (sorry, Atikulated). What about you?

Welcome to New Nigeria.

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