NSHA Top Chart Of State Assemblies With Highest Number Of Bills Passed Into Law

Chairman, Nasarawa State House of Assembly Committee on Information Hon. Mohammed Adamu Omadefu has said that the State Assembly top the chart of State Houses of Assembly that passed into laws the highest number of bills in the federation.

Hon. Omadefu (APC) Keana constituency was speaking to newsmen in Lafia the state capital today while x-raying the performance of the 6th Assembly as the present political dispensation is gradually coming to an end.

Recalled that the present 6th Assembly was constituted on the 10th of June 2019 and has less than 6 months to complete its tenure.

“Aside legislation, the House has written its name in the fight against corruption where state public officers accused of soiling their hands in misappropriation and malpractices were either sacked or punished.

” Aside oversight functions where abnormalities from ministries, agencies and parastatals were corrected, the House is boosting of having the highest bills in its archive more than any state assemblies in the country with over 60 bills.

” Even though the present assembly is still looking forward to increasing the tally of its bills before its tenure winds out, the house resolutions on contemporary human related issues will not be forgotten in a hurry and the most recent is its resolution asking the state government to declare a state of emergency in public primary schools due to collapse of the system” He said.

On the performance of 2022 budget, the spokesman of the House and Chairman House Committee on Information Hon. Omadefu buttressed the position of the state Governor that a lot have been achieved, envisaging that this year’s budget will be an impactful one since ministries, agencies and parastatals were engaged by the House during budget defense.

Omadefu said under his watch as Chairman, House Committee on Information in the 6th Assembly, significant bills have been worked on and the most recently, are those transforming the state taxation and information systems.

It should be noted that the ministry of information, Nasarawa Broadcasting Service, Recreational and Tourism outfits in the state falls under the standing committee on Information and recently during budget defense, the committee warned against unnecessary interference on the business of the state broadcast station NBS.

For now, the legislators are off the chamber for recess and are expected back on the 6th of February and on whether their resumption will be impactful since almost all of them are seeking reelection in the forthcoming general elections, only time shall tell.


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