Re: Nasarawa 2019: Guber Aspirants Gang Up Against Engr Sule, Tukur, Wadada Over ‘Indigeneship’

By Victor Terah PatrickThe current build up to the 2019 Governorship election in Nasarawa State expectedly is generating anxiety and apprehension amongst the array of aspirants jostling to succeed outgoing Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura who is serving out his second and last term as Governor on May 2th, 2019. Any keen observer of the political events unfolding would no doubt agreed that perhaps since Nigeria joined the commity of Democratic Nations, in May, 1999, in Nasarawa State, the 2019 Governorship promises to be the most fiercest, and this is because the drumbeat by the Nasarawa Northern zone for a shot at the Shandam Road Government House, Lafia has reached a feverish peak.
But while the Northern Zone seems to be gaining some sympathy from across the two larger zones in the State i.e Southern and Western Zones, some desperate politicians from the same Northern zone are head bent to scuttle the chances of the zone because the permutations seems not be in their favour, thus they are deploy primordial sentiments as a weapon of attack.
Reading through the above captioned cover story in the EYE WITNESS NEWSPAPER of July, 9th 2018 where the paper reported that some Aspirants of Northern zone extraction across the three major Political Parties i.e APC, APGA and PDP met in a Hotel in Abuja and resolved to work against the trio of Engr. Sule, Tukur and Wadada should the ruling APC in the State presents any of them as its standard bearer in 2019. This position by the northern zone`s Aspirants according to the paper was informed by the underground moves by some major Stakeholders in the APC to ensure the emergence of Engr, Sule in particular whom they described as a ‘Housa settler’.
While, we are not holding brief for Ahmed Tukur and Aliyu Wadada, but we at the A A SULE CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION wish to put the records straight for the sake of the gullible in the State and posterity.
Born Fifty Eight years ago in Gudi Station in Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State to a Father whom himself was born in Gudi, and the current District Head of Gudi, Engr. Abdulahi Alhaji Sule has never at anytime claimed ancestral Origin to anywhere except his native Gudi in Akwanga Local Government. It is imperative to stress here that throughout his Schooling days, he enjoyed Scholarship Courtesy of the then Plateau State Government from where Nasarawa State was carved out in 1996, because of his Origin of Akwanga.
It is interesting to note that all the Aspirants from the Northern Zone where Engr. Sule hail from have been relating very well over the years on the Political front and at personal levels, working together for the interest of the zone until, these desperate elements whose political popularity has dwindled and have since become spent force on the political scene and are bent at scuttling the zone`s bright chances in 2019 by throwing up sentiments.
We at the A A SULE CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION, have always resisted the temptation to tow the ethnic or religion line in the pursuit of this Governorship project rather, we welcome robust engagement on issues that concern security and welfare of Nasarawa Citizens in our focused drive to build an egalitarian Nasarawa when elected in 2019.
The Nasarawa project is a serious project and we resist the resort to clannish or religion incline political campaigns but rather whoever is aspiring to Govern Nasarawa State in 2019 should present his or her credentials and track records before the Nasarawa people for them to make their choice than the cheap resort to primitive sentiment to achieve a political goal.
It is simply laughable the insinuation that the All Progressive Congress, APC, will lose Nasarawa State with Engr. Sule as Guber Candidate as alluded to bring one Barrister Hafiz Adigun in an interview he granted Engr. witness Newspaper published on page 10 of the paper`s edition of August 12th, 2018. Laughable in the sense that rather than being a political hard sell from the APC, his emergence as the standard bearer of the party would make the secondary election less stressful for the APC.
The generality of the people of the Northern Zone are solidly behind Engr. Sule and some mobilizing support for him across the state. Thus, his emergence as the standard bearer in the forth coming Governorship Primaries of the APC would witnessed an unprecedented out pouring of support including material support to ensure a resounding victory for the APC in 2019.
We dared any aspirant with better credentials, track records and a soaring popularity more than Engr. Abdullahi Sule to point some and lets meet at the polls
Engr. Andullahi Sule, Current Group Managing Director of Dangote Refinery demonstrated uncommon determination right from his growing up days when as a commercial student at Zang Commercial College, Jos, he took extra moral classes in the core science Subjects and made an excellent grades at the West African School Certificate Examination, which eventually earned him a four year scholarship to the United State of America.
He was Educated at INDIAN STATE UNIVERSITY, the United States of America, where he bagged a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Technology from the same University. He work experience garnered over the years from many organizations he worked for in the USA, and his exceptional performance in those organizations remain legendary. But for his patriotism and love for his country Nigeria, he returned home to undertake his one year mandatory National Youth Service Scheme, NYSC.
The peak of his career was his appointment as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Office of African Petroleum, AP, now forte Oil, at the age of forty years. Engr. Abdullahi Sule`s years in African Petroleum are still refer to as the golden player in the Oil and Gas Business. There is no organization Abdullahi Sule ever worked that he did not turned around it for its fortunes.
Nasarawa State with its huge opportunities and great potentials to be a Business Hub and tourist first destination of choice needs Engr, Abdullahi Sule with his impeccable rich pedigree to redraw the Architecture of the egalitarian Nasarawa we longed for.
Interestingly, he is a team player who does not take anything of quality result, and it does not matter who would do it but who can deliver quality result.
A very polished gentleman with needed International connections, a robust work record of outstanding achievement, his credibility cannot be in doubt.
Yes, he is of the Hausa ethnic Nationality whose grandparent settled in Gudi about a Hundred years ago, but who say a particular ethnic group must belong to only a particular place? After all, we have Mada in Cameroon, Ninzo in Central Africa Republic, Yaruba in Benin and Togo Republics, and Hausa in Ghana. Going further, who are Engr. Abdullahi Sule`s friends? Are they not Rindre, Mada, Alago? Etc.
Let it be stressed here that the emergence of Engr. Sule would remove the mutual suspicion amongst the seemingly big ethnic group in the State and break down the walls of ethnicity and religion. No doubt he is the needed watershed.

Pharm Victor Terah Patrick is a
Director of Information and Publicity, Engr A A Sule Campaign Organization.

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