Our Support For National Livestock Transformation Plan In The Interest Of Peaceful Coexistence- Gov Sule

By Our Reporter. The Governor of Nasarawa State Abdullahi A. Sule has reaffirmed that the support his administration is given to the establishment of National Livestock Transformation Plan ( NLTP) is to the best interest of Nasarawa state since it would foster peaceful coexistence amongst the people of the state. According to the press statement issued by Director General Strategic communication and Press Affairs Government House, Yakubu Lamai indicated that supporting a cause which seeks to foster national peace and nurture harmony between herders and farmers is a worthy cause. “To promote peace by giving every citizen the opportunity to grow is noble and anchored on the sacred principle of “LIVE AND LET LIVE!”. the statement added. It further noted that Gov. Sule believes in peaceful coexistence, inclusivity and is poised to embrace all citizens whether they are farmers or herders no matter their tribe or religion.

“All religions promote peace which is why it is said in the Holy Bible that: ” Blesseth are the Peacemakers; For they shall be called the Sons of God!”. The statement said It is to promote peace that the Governor of Bauchi State supported the NLTP and it is not a PDP or APC issue, but about healing and harmonious co-existence, adding “in the same vein, the Governor of Plateau State supported the project so also Governor Abdullahi A Sule”. It maintained that government of Nasarawa state will support any Federal government effort aimed at bringing peace and unity, saying that the Federal Government deserves the support of every citizen in its effort to safeguard lives and property. While stressing that the Federal government has considered so many options in the past like Cattle Colonies to forestall conflict and assuage both farmers and herders, the statement reaffirmed: Gov. Sule will support any initiative by the government which will bring about national peace and unity.

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