Next Level Team Selection And The Need For Quality Assurance Control

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

There are several organic factors that seem to operationally,undermine the successful implementation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s political philosophy of positive change.

These obvious debilitating factors, which have been major stumbling blocks against all previous efforts to sanitize the negatively structured and monetized Nigerian political system, cannot be ignored, if we want our journey to the Next Level to produce positive value changes on the chronic and negatively entrenched, debilitating political structure in vogue ,in the country.

It is therefore imperatively important, to take corrective measures , to correct the human anomalies that, have,both structurally and organically hampered the growth and positive expansion of democratic culture in the country ditto for President Buhari’s Change Mantra,which on many symbiotically comparative and ideologically pragmatic basis ,seem to be,at best, like Pa Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s and late Mallam Aminu Kano’s socialists’ motivated political advocacy, “victims of Nigerian capitalist brand of ambushing political strategies”!

There is therefore. the obvious need , to effect urgent deterrent measures, to prevent a recurrence of the ugly past,which made the party to be seen,as , “a fake socialist farcade in character and theoretical manifestations, but which is structurally , organically and operationally hijacked by the disenchantedly feuding PDP feudal factions called the APC.

For the avoidance of any doubt and in fidelity to our commitments to effect positive changes in the Nigerian polity,
the obvious truth,now , is that,
Nigeria has only one Political system, with two factions in contentious conflict for control,with President Muhammadu Buhari struggling to effect needed changes, as a third force,through the enforcement of integrity code of conduct, to end the monopolistic hegemony of the Nigerian Looters,as the only permanent and perpetual shareholders in the Nigeria’s power structure.

We can only succeed on our journey to the Next Level, if,we can enforce some form of regulatory benchmarks,such as:

Integrating the masses in the selection and monitoring process, right from the beginning, to the end,

For the purpose of screening and checkmating of Looters, Ghost Workers And Chronic Political Hustlers,

in order to
protect and safeguard President Buhari’s political philosophy, and promote integrity code,as our national creed and political motto, to be obliged.across the entire process of the democratic spectrum .

Mr President, as things stand are and remain visibly apparent,there is palpable fear,that ,”the same bunch of hypocrites, favour seekers and sabotagious schemers,like Saraki, Dogara and some flippantly unreliability Governors,whose corrupt malpractices and fake loyalty were exposed” by the shameful defeats at the 2019 elections,

As a result of their personal, vested political interests,which they allowed to undermine and compromise President Buhari’s momentum to effect positive change,not the masses, are virtually and visibly ,the same crooks and traitors that are manipulating and misguiding the choice of the Next Level Team Players!

Mr. President, “Real Change ,should this time around , both begin and be determined by the integrity driven Rural Masses, not by the Lumpen Looters like before” .

Therefore, this time around,”look before you leap” ,because , already, the signs of the ominously old, and treacherous betrayals and deceits of the past , have enveloped the dark clouds of PDP type cloak and dagger political environment and have diabolically permeated the scene.

I hope and pray for the best choices,for the Journey to the Next Level,by God’s grace.

I rest my case, but remember the adage that proclaims and admonishes against habitual error of judgements, which posits,thus: ” Once bitten,Twice Shy”!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, and National Coordinator,PanNigerian BIG LEAGUE, aka , Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships.

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