Northern Nigeria: It Is The Cows Not The Chickens That Have Finally Come Home To Mows Not To Roost.

By Abdulkarim Mohammad Abdullahi

Yes, the dynamic youthful looking Governor of Niger State, Alhaji A. Sani Bello deserves more than Ten Thousand standing ovations (10,000 ), as well as equal numbers of Thousandth Gbossas, from,both the largest and most socially active Northern Youths Assembly Group , registered as, “Northern Youths Assembly of Nigeria- NYAN”, unarguably , the largest multi purpose networks of Northern Nigerian Youths organization, that is both multicultural and organically multi religious ; as well as ideologically focused and commuted to the tenets of unity , of the founding Fathers of the pre -colonial entity known as AREWACIN NIJERIYA.

He equally deserves more than one million apologies from the Pro OBJ- Northern Elders,aka, Corrupt Ingrates Forum,for their failure to address issues related to Agriculture, Ranching and the orchestrated crises of Herders Versus Farmers,which had never been exposed to this controversial national conflicts combustible level,until it was politically instigated by their OBJ-PDP Atikulooted sponsors, which is ironically shameless ,for such a a group that boasts of a Professor of Agriculture and a former Vice Chancellor , who could not even demonstrate either his local patriotism, nor professional competencies, to find even a partial solution to an embracingly chronic but solvable community vendetta.

What a shame,that, the greatest beneficiaries of the great Sardauna of Sokoto,aka Gamji Dankwarai’s reason for being despised and murdered, were the same people who lodged at intels Super Luxury Looted Guests Lodge in Port Harcourt , as hired specialist for PDP Dollar power Corruptly Organised Presidential Primaries, which was moreless ,a shameless gathering of pageant display by Northern pro OBJ- Atikulooters !

Your Excellency, permit me for being indulgent in my narratives, becsue,you have done ,what many past leaders and Looters in the North never attempted, even for the sakr of redeeming the name,honor ,image and integrity of the North.

Your Excellency, Sir!
I am totally thrilled and excited with this bold and courageous declaration by you.
for rising to the occasion , to quench the flaring infernos set by PDP political arsonists, bent on burning Nigeria to ashes, purely for no other reason than promoting and protecting their already established , global corruption legacies!

Thank you Sir,for pulling this extremely hot chestnut or walnut, from the vulnerabilities of Nigeria’s volcanic fuselage of ethno religiously teleguided power game, already plotted by the OBJ controlled, PDP traumatised and vengeance looking Atikulooters!

Your Excellency, I totally agree and concur with you,for several obvious reasons, chief amongst which is the agitated feelings of rueful anguish by all patriotic Northerners, who have a vicarious role as its major stakeholders , that,the once great and spiritually iconic Northern Nigeria, has now been disgracefully exposed and forcibly disgraced ,
and its sense of majestic heritage and fanatical humility assaulted, as fatal failure,to responsibly and responsively address, the visibly obvious plights of our nomadic Fulani pastoralists,after several years of unforgivable indifference, until our brothers in the South, conscious of Atiku Abubakar’s passionate inclinations for anarchism, decided to push , magnify and escalate it into a bigger issue of war and national conflagration.

It is against this dysfunctionally orchestrated war mongering national fear,that, I feel encouraged and humbled , by the mediatory role ,
passion and commitments you have displayed ,to the unity and national solidarity of the Nigerian project, that I feel overwhelmingly honoured and encouraged by the timely intervention of His Excellency. the Niger State Governor, who, as a Buharist to the core ,like me , can never allow any prized project, to be a set up for trigger- happy and sinister motivational factors , for the enemies of Nigeria, who have nothing nostalgically and emotionally important attached to Nigerian heritage, to instigate a Civil War,which has always been both,the scandalous joint obsessions and focal preoccupations of his as well as master’s in the person of, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who are full of exciting pride in making Nigeria ungovernable, since they were rejected by the Nigerian voters at the polls, during the psychologically devastating 2019 FEBUHARI Presidential elections,

However, we are proud to announce, Your Excellency that,the Nigerian President , Muhammadu Buhari, can never allow any sinisterly inspired negative inclinations,to jeopardize Nigeria’s peace and tranquility.

At this juncture, I wish to Let His Excellency, the Niger State Executive Governor ,to know and note, that,this gesture has earned him the greatest honour from all patriotic Nigerians, especially the Youth of Northern Nigeria, for his role in bringing sanity to a situation that was becoming, ominously volatile and susceptible to the vagaries of national confrontational fears and catastrophic anxieties!

May I at this juncture request and advise His Excellency, to invite some of the following people for appropriate discussions, on how they can make their vast professional and specialized business inputs, as their own contributions , to enhance the successful implementation of this patriotic and laudable national initiative,to contribute their own scope of global expertise in all the sectors,after you would have finally approved your commitments to grant them your esteemed audience, for further introductions and necessary interface.

Kindly allow me to introduce these gentleman,in absentia, whose contact addresses and mailing address could promptly be despatched to you,as soon as you deem it needed, at your earliest convenience.

His Excellency may wish to be obliged to know,that, many of the contacts are internationally recognized experts in PPP( Private ,Public Partneship) with long years of Cognate experience on Ranching, such as Retired Admiral Murtala Nyako, Distinguished Senator Abdullahi Adamu, Suleman Abdu Abubakar of Imani Real Estate and Agro Allied Franchise Development Groups, Mua’zu Ishaku of Gunduma Farms, Hamza Makarfi of Efficiency Farm, Tanko Sisina Farm and AGRO Technology, Ltd, Sardaunan Gombe Farm and AGRO FERTILITY CAPACITY ENGINEERING, as well as BELLO MAHMUD of Danejo Farm and AGRO VISION, HAMZA CATTLE RANCHERS AND ANIMAL FATTENING AND CONDITIONING CENTER, ARMY BARRACK ROAD, TILA, KEFFI ;as well as Dalladi Abdullahi Salihu. Multiple Purpose AGRO Services Farm,Keffi,respectively.

May it also,please, His Excellency to know and note , the circumstances of my established familiarity with these contacts
whom I was privileged to have visited their sites,during my time at NTA, which, I spent most of my annual leave and public holidays visiting farms and agric sites,navigating across the nooks and crannies of Northern Nigerian, to assess the devastating damage and corrupt effects of THE CUMULATIVE IMPACTS OF THE OIL BOON (DOOM?) AND THE PARASITICALLY CORRUPT DEGRADATION AND CRIMINAL NEGLECT OF THE ONCE , NORTHERN NIGERIAN VIBRANT RURAL PEASANT DRIVEN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMY!

His Excellency,is hereby requested to be informed,that , in the course of time, at your earliest convenience, a delegation of the Northern Youth Assembly, led by their officials,will arrange to pay you a courtesy cum solidarity visit,to facilitate and convey their their sincere and collective support and recognition, to you,please
Finally,it is also important to let His Excellency and the Presidency to knowand note, that, a new NGO, named, Friends Of Agriculture(FOA) has been registered, in order to protect the honour and dignity of the Nigerian Peasant Farmers, from some of the abuses and endemic corrupt practices that have dogged Nigerian Agricultural viability and we also intend to write to you within the shortest possible time.

Finally,we understand some Foreign companies have started jostling and lobbying for ranching contracts,already.

But given the prevailing level of corruption, in thencountry,it is better to operationalise these projects,by ensuring full participation of our major stakeholders, domestically, if they can prove their competencies,credibility and capability.

Once, Your Excellent,thank you,for proving to the wasted generations in the North, that,” where there is a will,there will always be a way”.

It may please, His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Niger State,to know and note,that Alhaji Sulaiman Abubakar has strong partnership with the proprietor of the famous and international recognized and reputable Songhai Farm in Port Novo, the ancient capital city of the Republic of Benin,and is Director of Seventies,, Business Conglomerates,the owners of the Leventis Foundation Farms,with several years of experience in Agriculture and Farming Practices, please.
I believe,you should be familiar with this addition information, pls.

Thank you very much for coming to our rescue, by declaring to our Southeast brothers,instigated by their Atikulooted political masters,that,even though, it is universally asserted, that
“Nine days is for the thief, and one day for the owne”,we will surely prove to the world,that,this generation of Northerners will not disappoint its forebears antecedents of heroism again !
. we assure you the best regards of your esteemed honor, respects and responsibility, pls!

Mallam Abdulkarim Muhammad Abdullahi, Founder and National Patron PanNigerian BIG LEAGUE, alias Buhari Integrity Group Advocates and Nationwide Grassroots Fellowships, as well as National Patron, Northern Youth Assembly of Nigeria, NYAN.

Which TILE AC Jamilu Isyaku Gwamna Gombe Agricultural Mechanization Groups, Dalladi Abdullahi Salihu Of Fadama Farm Development Concepts, as well as the unde Concepts Hamza Musa MakarfiSuleman A. Abubakar.

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