Gov Abdullahi A. Sule: The Man God Has blessed, Let No One Curse


‘The man God has blessed let no man curse’. ‘Wat God has put together let no man put asunder’. These are biblical injunctions often quoted to support or buttress the supremacy and authority of God over ordinary mortals. Of-course, human beings are nothing but mere mortals. Human beings have no powers or control over what will befall them let alone what will befall others. All are under direct control of Almighty God. God is the one and only Creator and controller of everything on earth. Humans have no free will in that regard. God controls everything including what humans do. All believers have absolute knowledge of predestination. Almighty God has measured out the span of every person’s life, his lot of good or ill fortune and fruits of his efforts.

Precisely against these backgrounds, Almighty God had predestined Engr. Abdullahi Sule to be governor of Nasarawa state; the more reason why, among all the array of contestants to the throne of governor of the state in 2019, Engr. Sule emerged winner. His emergence was not because he is the best of all the candidates nor the most favoured by the Almighty, his emergence was purely the will of God.

Ever since the emergence of Engr. Sule as governor in 2019, so many amusing things has been used to describe the kind of person he is and the type of government he is heading. Some said he lacks public service exposure; others said he is not in total control of his government while others simply dismissed him as someone who has no articulated agenda of his own. Whatever people might say about Engr. Sule, God has already made him the governor of Nasarawa state. And regardless of what cynics may say, Engr. Sule is doing his best to improve on what he met on his assumption of office. In all the sectors of the economy of the state, Engr. Sule has thus far, made an appreciable impact to the extent that even if you do not like the approach of his mode of governance, you cannot totally fault the ideas and the reforms he is introducing in business of governance in the state.

In his inaugural speech, Governor Sule identified agriculture as one area he would focus his attention on since Nasarawa state is an agrarian state. He said: “The major part of our agenda is to encourage commercial agriculture in our areas of comparative advantage and boost value addition to our crops by laying solid foundation for agro- allied industries. To this end government will work with interested investors to drive the sector to diverse levels of growth”.

Sixteen months after Engr. Sule made this solemn commitment to boost agriculture in Nasarawa state, what has changed since then? Many things have changed for the better in areas of agriculture.The presence of DANGOTE, AZMAN GROUP and other private investments in the state are clear pointers to transformation the state is experiencing under Engr. Sule.

Agriculture apart, Engr Sule also made a commitment to improve on entire areas of human endeavour in order to fast track development in the state. In this connection he is steadily working to ensure Nasarawa state is counted among the top three most competitive states in the country, in terms of sustained, accelerated economic growth, increased economic activities and prosperity. One area which Engr. Sule identified as a major pathway to realization of these objectives is through unlocking of opportunities, creation of wealth, improved employment drive and sustained growth in the state.

As someone coming from the private sector; a sector known for setting goals and targets and that strives to achieve them, Governor Sule is today sparing no efforts to make sure that those goals and targets are achieved. His restiveness as can be seen from his incessant movements from one end of the country to the other is targeted at bringing those goals to fruition.

But just as Engr. Sule himself observed, no matter the efforts one puts into trying to unlock opportunities, create wealth and drive sustained growth in our state, if there is insecurity, all the efforts will come to naught.

While receiving a delegation led by the National President of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Chris Isiguzo, at Government House last Friday, Engr. Sule emphasized: “Security is the number one job of this government as without security, all the good things the government is working hard to put in place, to better both state and people, may not come to fruition” He added that “No matter the cost of security, it’s not too expensive for the state to bear”.

A leader that cares for the security and general well-being of his people is indeed a leader worthy of trust. Governor Sule deserves our trust. We have to trust him for, he is the one to take us to the Promised Land and he is whom God has chosen for us hence, the blessed; we must not curse nor undermine him.

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